High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World! (Episode 9) – It Seems Tsukasa Has Seen Through Everything!

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Title

Tsukasa launches his offensive and successfully predicts the strategy of their opponent, leaving them to flee back to their castles. Meanwhile, Shinobu and Jeanne go after Gustav!

It Seems Tsukasa Has Seen Through Everything!

Oslo El Gustav is furious that his attack failed and calls all of his banners together. He also demands that the two armies he sent out earlier hurry up and make their attack, regardless of the weather. Unfortunately for them, Tsukasa had predicted this move and taken the mountain pass Castle with his armed soldiers. He then forced them to retreat and deploy their heavy cavalry, another thing he predicted. His soldiers make quick work of the cavalry thanks to their grenades.

Having returned to their own castles, Ringo attacks with a missile and then has drones pass a message on that they must surrender or die! They, of course, surrender and pledge their allegiance to the Seven-Light Faith.

Shinobu and Jeanne take advantage of Gustav’s impatience and launch an attack on his castle with the Azur Brigade. They manage to take the castle and corner Gustav in his tower. They manage to defeat him, but he blows up the tower and his death is uncertain.

Episode Thoughts

There was some nice action and I also enjoyed the strategic moves of Tsukasa. It felt much more like the economics side of things where the events were realistic and based on possible things… not like Aoi guiding a missile (as cool as that was). The fight with Gustav was also entertaining and the implications of the Azur Brigade is interesting. I can’t wait to see what Tsukasa’s assessment of them really is.

All that aside, this episode delivered the goods once more as the girls had themselves a relaxing massage thanks to the heavenly body oils normally reserved for the Emperor. Poor Akatsuki had to go along with them as he must stay by Aoi’s side at all times. That kid has it rough… I wish I was Akatsuki…

Ecchi Highlights


Oslo El Gustav!


Special Massage!


All Done!

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