Highschool of the Dead (Episode 10) – The Dead’s House Rules

Highschool of the Dead Title

Saeko and Takashi make it to Saya’s house and find things to be oddly secure. With a large group of adults running things, they are pushed into the life they knew before it all began, but can they go back?

The Dead’s House Rules

Not long after arriving at Saya’s house and being able to relax, the group starts to turn on itself. Ironically, the zombie threat had pulled them together and made them stronger as a group, but now they are lost and falling prey to their teenage emotions and paranoia. Saya manages to spot it and tries to address the issue, asking whether they should stay or go it alone.

Takashi and Hirano have a fight and even Saya and Saeko’s conversation gets combative, which isn’t the best idea for Saya. Thankfully, Takashi gets some advice from Saya’s mother and as he thinks on the situation he likens it to the story of The Mutiny on the Bounty and who they have changed and are unsuited to return to this form of life. He searches for Hirano to make amends and the group comes back together just as Saya’s father returns.

Episode Thoughts

This episode is fascinating and really highlights just how well written this story is. Regardless of whether you’re here for the zombies, the fan-service, or both, it’s impossible to not get sucked into the inner turmoil as the group struggles to change back. The level of nuance and thought that has gone into developing this story is staggering and for me, it’s one of the best zombie/post-apocalyptic stories ever.

There are, of course, some nice ecchi moments and the relationships between Takashi and Saeko and Rei continue. It is one of the more interesting aspects of this series and is handled really well. There is genuine tension and conflict between them and it helps to make their actions more believable. Is there anything else I can praise? Probably, but we’ve still got two more episodes, so I’ll hold back a little.

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Highschool of the Dead Episode 10 Rei Lying Facedown Nude

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