Highschool of the Dead (Episode 11) – Dead Storm Rising

Highschool of the Dead Title

Shido returns and Rei finally gets to tell him exactly what she thinks. The group is about to make a last-minute expedition to find Rei and Takashi’s parents unaware of the missiles flying into the atmosphere.

Dead Storm Rising

The survivors that have gathered at Saya’s house are slowly starting to turn on their protectors blaming them for the problems and calling the whole thing a hoax. Saya attempts to talk some sense into them, but they’re too far gone. The group unanimously decides that Takashi should lead them, although he’s not sure.

Shido returns complete with his little harem of warped students and immediately meets Rei’s bayonet. It’s not the welcome he’d expected and when she reveals what he did, Saya’s father says that she should kill him. Rei decides to send him packing instead unaware that numerous missiles have been fired across the world and things are about to get much worse…

Episode Thoughts

It’s a busy episode and a lot happens. The action seems to bounce around quite a lot and it really doesn’t help. It’s probably the weakest episode in the series, but it’s still entertaining nonetheless. Finding out about how Shido had abused his powers to hold Rei back and punish her father was interesting and her decision to let him go seemed believable. It’s just unfortunate that it left the compound open to the zombies.

I liked seeing the group defend Takashi and point out how valuable to the group he’s been. Saeko even stood up to the Saya’s father for him and he’s as imposing a character as there is in this series. Still, he gave her a fancy new sword. We’ve got one episode left and it’s going to be epic!

Ecchi Highlights

The Love Bus!


A Gift!


Shido Arrives!

World Wide Threat!

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