Highschool of the Dead (Episode 12) – All Dead’s Attack

Highschool of the Dead Title

The zombies are coming. The zombies are COMING! With no way to barricade the gate, the group has to hurry to get the Humvee ready to leave and even once they do, it’s going to be hard to get past the zombies!

All Dead’s Attack

A huge wave of zombies crashes into the gates. Some of the staff try to hold them back, but there are too many and the gates come crashing down. Zombies pour into the Takagi estate, hunting down the living. Saya’s parents tell them to go and that they’ll hold off the undead. They hurry to the Humvee which is getting its final tune-up and have to hold back the zombies until it’s ready.

With the Humvee going, they all climb inside. Saeko is late to the party and can only jump on top. The smash through the zombies and race towards the entrance, which is partially blocked by Shido’s bus. In the most improbable of events, Shizuku manages to get the Humvee on two wheels and hold it steady through the gap as Takashi pulls Saeko inside. They race off into the distance as Saya’s parents fight the zombies with everything they have.

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Episode Thoughts

It’s the final episode and that just breaks my heart. Sure, I have the OVA, but I love this series and would love for it to make a comeback. Until that happens, however, I will continue to talk about it and revisit it whenever possible. As for this episode, it was dynamite. The action was spectacular and it was delightful seeing the group back doing what it does best – surviving.

Now, I know I said I have the OVA to watch and that’ll be coming in a couple of weeks, but if you still want more, there is the manga which goes beyond this point. There are a total of seven volumes and if you’re really into it like me, there are two full-color, hardback issues that compile them all together and they are a bit special.

Ecchi Highlights

Shizuku Remembers!

Rika Gets a Call!

The Dead Are Coming!

Time to Go!

Proud Parents!


The End!

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