Highschool of the Dead (Episode 2) – Escape from the Dead

The initial outbreak seems to have eaten most of the student body, leaving a few survivors to find someplace safe to regroup, but will they be able to get past the undead!

Escape from the Dead

With Takashi and Rei trapped on the rooftop, they try to come up with a plan to escape. Meanwhile, Saya, Takashi’s know-it-all friend grabs Hirano, a hapless nerd as they try to navigate the zombie-infested hallways. They make it the woodwork class where Hirano turns a nailgun into a weapon.

School nurse, Shizuku Marikawa tried to help the infected, but die and then come back to life. A student protects her but is bitten in the process. Luckily for both of them, Saeko Busijima arrives with her practice sword. She spares the bitten student from transforming into an undead monster and takes Shizuku to find a safe place to regroup.

They all make it to the faculty room to find Saya and Hirano fighting for their lives. Hirano has run out of nails and Saya is forced to use a drill. It’s a crazy moment that highlights just how quickly the world has changed and those that can adapt the quickest have the best chance of survival.

Episode Thoughts

Did I mention that I love this series? Haha! This episode was great as it introduced the other main characters. I loved how they all proved themselves to be useful and showed why they were the ones to survive. Plus, Saeko Busijima appeared and showed just why she is the number one waifu of all time. I love that smile when she goes into battle. As before, this series is brutal and unforgiving. There’s a whole lot more to it that just zombies and schoolgirls, although that is a pretty good selling point on its own!

Ecchi Highlights

We Need to be Smart!

The Roof!

Technology Classroom!

The Nurse’s Room!

Clothes for Running!



The Beginning of the End!

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  1. Great. Now I want to watch High School of the Dead again.

    “Your clothes or your life — which is more important?”

    “Both are!”

    • I’m watching it weekly, but I’m planning on doing a full day binge on the near future, plus a series of posts over on my site. It’s been almost a year since my High School of the Dead December and that’s way too long!

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