Highschool of the Dead (Episode 4) – Running in the Dead

Highschool of the Dead Title

Rei and Takashi fight their way through the zombie-infested city in search of the family and friends, but there are others with a more sinister purpose lurking in the shadows.

Running in the Dead

After Rei stormed off the bus and Takashi followed her, they were separated from the group but arranged to meet up at a certain location and time. Takashi found a motorcycle which made their trip a little easier, but every time they stopped, the shuffling zombies moved a little closer. With the exception of the zombies, the streets appeared to be empty, but then when Takashi tried to put some gas in the motorcycle, another survivor tried to take Rei.

Takashi acted without hesitation and shot the guy, leaving him bleeding out on the ground for the zombies to finish off. They continued on the way, searching for the others, but except for the occasional group of looters and the never-ending horde of zombies, they seemed to be alone, but that gave them a chance to heal after the Hisashi incident.

Episode Thoughts

This was a fantastic episode. I loved how we got to have some more time with just Rei and Takashi. I’ve said it before, but their relationship is fascinating. They obviously have a lot of history, but at some point grew apart as Rei fell for Takashi’ friend Hisashi. Then, Takashi killing the zombified Hisashi created even more tension between them. He obviously loves her but feels betrayed. For an ecchi zombie series, the characters are incredibly well developed.

Then, the scene at the gas station was awesome. We got to see just what Takashi is willing to do to save his friends. They’ve changed in such a short period of time and ultimately, that is why they’re still alive. There were some great scenes of them driving through the abandoned city too and I loved the fighter jet flyby on the bridge. This series is an absolute joy.

Ecchi Highlights

Fly By!

Dead City!

New Weapons!

How are the Others Doing?

The Gas Station!

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