Highschool of the Dead (Episode 8) – The Dead Way Home

Highschool of the Dead Title

The group head across the river and search for other survivors, but the place is empty or so they thought! Suddenly, a huge horde of zombies appears and before they no it, they’re trapped!

The Dead Way Home

With Arisu and Zero safely inside the Humvee, they head towards the river and look for a place to cross. Thankfully, there’s a shallower section that the Humvee can drive through, but when they get to the other side it appears to be completely deserted. It gives them a chance to get dressed, having had to make a dash in the middle of the night. Once back on the road, they head towards Saya’s house and soon come across some zombies.

Before they know it, they’ve been surrounded by a massive horde. Shizuki hits the gas and tries to drive through, but they spot some cables across the street, blocking the way and slid to a stop. The Humvee won’t start again and Takashi and Rei have been tossed off the top. With more and more zombies closing in, even Saya joins the fight. You know things are getting bad when that happens.

Episode Thoughts

It’s the first time we’ve really seen the group in danger and this was epic. I feel like I keep saying that, but that’s just what this series is. We have Saeko charging into the horde with a wooden sword and fighting for her life, Takashi is shooting the rifle while leaning on Rei, and the resulting bullet-time slow-motion shot is insane.

I just loved this episode and even more so for what it sets up next. With all appearing lost, Takashi and Saeko attempt to fight their way through and draw the horde away, but as they look back they see others appearing beyond the cables to save the rest of the group. And would you believe it, it’s Saya’s mother? Takashi and Saeko run off into the city, attempting to make their way to Saya’s house. Spoiler alert… The next episode is my favourite…

Ecchi Highlights

Not just in Japan!

Highschool of the Dead Episode 8 Zombies First Lady

Crossing the River!


Searching for Zombies!

Time to Fight!

Looking Hopeless!

Help Arrives!

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