How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 11) – How Are You Spending New Year’s?

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift Title

Uehara and Akemi collect Hibiki and Zina so that they go to a shrine for New Year and they have found the perfect one… or so they thought!

How Are You Spending New Year’s?

The shrine sits at the top of a very tall mountain and is only accessible by climbing the neverending staircase. Seems perfect for a group of girls with an exercise obsession. Hibiki isn’t sure about it until Akemi reveals that the god that the shrine is for grants wishes to do with muscles and romance! Enough said, the girls being their ascent, but nothing will prepare them for what the find at the top!

With New Year out of the way, Zina tells the others that she has found a talent contest for them to enter, sending bad vibes to a hungover Saotomi. Before getting to the talent show, the girls stop at a park to do some more exercise and with the help of Toshio Ozu, they learn about Isometric Exercises. For the talent show, Saotomi performs a wrestler’s bridge, a neck exercise as Uehara sits on top of her. It’s a ratings smash and the director needs to find a way to bring them back!

Episode Thoughts

I absolutely love this series and all the wonderfully surreal moments we’ve experienced. Machio as a priest was excellent, but the sight of all the girls surrounded by muscle-bros watching the sunrise in their tiny underpants was just too much. This show continues to be fun and uplifting and even inspiring. There’s no negativity, no body shaming, it’s all positive and that’s one of its strengths. Well, that and the girls, who I am really going to miss once the next episode is over.

Ecchi Highlights

Visiting the Shrine!

Macho Priest!

Happy New Year!

Isometric Exercises!

Talent Show!

The Setup!

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