How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? (Episode 5) – What’s Your Sports Day Event?

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift Title

Back at school after the summer break and now Hibiki has to prepare for the 400-metre relay… She running the anchor and she’s up against Akemi. Could things get any worse?

What’s Your Sports Day Event?

The school has a new policy of drawing sports day events with a lottery and Hibiki has managed to find herself on the 400-metre relay team. They’ve got some time to train for the event, but she’s not a runner so what could she possibly do? Well, worry not, Macchio has the answers as always. He recommends that Hibiki does leg curls and bicycle crunches to help develop her running muscles. After a lot of training, the day has finally come. It’s time to race!

Having lost the race to Akemi, while being disqualified for picking up a dropped baton, Hibiki is looking for revenge. When the girls decide to have a sauna after a workout, she suggests a competition to see who can stay in the sauna the longest…

Episode Thoughts

It’s another thoroughly enjoyable episode with plenty of helpful tips on exercise. You may want to pay attention to this episode as the exercises help firm up bums and stomachs… oh, yeah! One thing that I keep noticing with this series is just how uplifting and motivating it is. For one, I am actually jealous of Hibiki’s group of friends and the way they encourage each other to be better. Yeah, there’s lots of fan-service, but if that’s what it takes to get people to behave like this, then what’s the harm? This series is excellent and one that I will definitely rewatch.

Ecchi Highlights


Leg Curls!

Bicycle Crunches!

The Big Race!


Tri… tri… Triceps!

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  1. This series is so frigging wholesome, even with all the tits and ass. These girls (and Machio) clearly care about one another, and, as you say, it’s a really inspiring thing to see. I’ve already mentioned elsewhere that this show got me signing up for the gym, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be continually rewatching it even after its run is over to keep me motivated!

    • It reminds me of Harukana Receives with how positive and uplifting it is. I wish more people would watch this and take on board the messages it’s delivering. Also, I just love the OP and ED, they always make me smile.

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