How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Episode 12) – Battle for Legitimacy

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Title

The Demon Lord, Krebskulm has fully awakened and is ready to destroy Faltra city. Only Diablo stands in her way and she’s quite a lot bigger than him, but will it be enough?

Battle for Legitimacy

Alicia has left the city and joined up with the Fallen. Her evil plan is coming together. Now, all she has to do is sit back and watch. Diablo, however, has other ideas and instantly starts a massive spell that will destroy Krebskulm. While he distracts Krebskulm, Shera races to Rem’s side with the recovery potions.

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Alicia looking Evil

The battle rages through the night, each of them landing blows on the other, Krebskulm even hit Emile with a coffin! Finally, Diablo’s spell is complete and he unleashes the elements on Krebskulm. It weakens her but doesn’t finish her off. Luckily, Rem has recovered and together with Shera they talk to Clem, showing that they are all right. Clem back in control, transforms back into the cookie loving loli.

With her plan in ruins, Alicia and Edelgard flee from the Fallen army, but they are badly injured. Meanwhile, Diablo performs a slave pact with Clem in order to allow her to stay in the city. That night, Diablo just wants to sleep and recover, but Alicia shows up and with Shera at knifepoint, begs Clem to help Edelgard. Clem agrees and then Diablo stops Alicia from killing herself, but he’s used up all of his magic and needs to recharge… luckily everyone is willing to help…

Episode Thoughts

It feels like a ton of things happened in this episode. We had the final battle between Diablo and Krebskulm and it was a lot of fun. I liked how all of the main characters that have been used in the series all showed up to make a contribution. Then after the fight, we get to the mega harem that the series has been working towards. Diablo, you lucky bastard! As if having Rem and Shera by your side wasn’t enough, now you’ve Alicia, Edelgard and Clem. Damn you, Diablo!

Ecchi Highlights

Good versus Evil!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Celestine Sweating
How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Alicia full evil

Diablo versus Krebskulm!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Diablo versus Krebskulm

Rem Needs Help!

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Shera upskirt panties

What now?

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord Episode 12 Alicia and Edelgard prepare to run

What to do with the Demon Lord?

Time to Recharge!

What’s She Doing Here?

Let’s all Help!

Still want more?

I’m also covering this series on The Otaku Author where I look into what works and doesn’t work in the story elements. All the best images are here, but if you want to really dive into what makes this episode tick, head on over. Click here… you know you want to!

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