Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (Episode 4) – Hey, Give Me a Kiss!

Having discovered that kissing Muneakira is what transforms Juubei into a master samurai, Sanada becomes intent on kissing him as well, something that Sen doesn’t approve of.

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Hey, Give Me a Kiss!

Sanada and Sen quickly get into an argument about kissing Muneakira, as Sanada wants the power, while Sen is against it because she seems to like Muneakira herself. The episode is essentially Sanada’s many attempts to kiss Muneakira being thwarted by Sen and Hanzou, until Sanada decides to put something in their tea that puts them to sleep.

Then, Sanada visits Muneakira in the bath. Sen didn’t drink enough tea, and so she storms into the bathroom and destroys it. After being flung away, Sanada and Muneakira end up accidentally kissing, turning Sanada into a master samurai. And with her newfound power, she ends up accidentally trashing the dojo.

Episode Thoughts

Just a fun episode overall. Most of the fan service was Sen and Sanada’s panties. I like both of these characters, so I was cool with seeing that. Not too much really happened, but it was an entertaining episode anyways. I can’t really think of much else to say, the highlights basically spell out the episode for this one!

Episode Highlights

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