Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 10) – Eve of the Decisive Battle: Install

Hybrid x Heart hasn’t quite gotten into the final action yet, with one more break before the conclusion. And in the case of this episode, it means a break in more ways than one.

Eve of the Decisive Battle: Install

After sortieing to meet with a threat, Kizuna and crew are met with some new opponents. One of whom is Kizuna’s mother. After which, she tells Kizuna that she will see him in Tokyo, and leaves. Kizuna goes back to base where not much happens. Sylvia, the middle school girl, is given a hybrid gear. Eventually, the team sets out for Tokyo, where when they arrive, they find people.

Ecchi Art Digital Sub

Episode Thoughts

Not too much to say on this one, it felt like an episode where they decided to just hold back for the climax that’ll be happening over the next two episodes (hopefully). I was surprised that they decided to show Sylvia, who I remember for a fact is a middle schooler, naked, as I suppose the hybrid gear has to be “inserted” somewhere. That said, it’s nothing special, and I’m not up for sharing those kind of images when the character is established to be that young. If she were a 500 year old loli vampire, it’d be a different story, but yeah. She’s not even in high school.

In the end, the episode wasn’t really anything special, in all aspects.

Episode Highlights

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