Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 11) – Operation Take Back Tokyo: Apocalypse

The battle to re-take Tokyo begins as Kizuna and friends face off against the Batlantis Empire’s elite!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Operation Take Back Tokyo: Apocalypse

Immediately we learn that the human activity Kizuna saw in Tokyo was just an illusion. We learn that the Batlantis Empire has trapped a large group of people in the city living fake lives in the illusion, and their energy is slowly being sapped from them and siphoned back to the Empire.

Kizuna and friends begin the fight, but are held back by the red haired girl in a large mech. Sylvia then arrives with a mech of her own, and battles it out. Sylvia ends up winning, but in her last moments the enemy launches a large ball of fire in the sky, intent on destroying everything. Somehow Sylvia stops that, too.

After that, more fighting breaks out and Kizuna retreats into the cube with Himekawa to recharge. Scarlet witnesses a bunch of women pleasuring themselves on the streets, before being captured. The episode ends with Aine showing up and demanding to get it on with Kizuna, in order to unlock a “forbidden weapon”.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was pretty decent. Lots of ecchi, and some good action. The fighting against random robots, as well as the fight between the two big mechs was enjoyable. The part where Sylvia summoned some giant goddess looking being to suck up the ball of energy in the sky was really odd, but I guess the fact that Sylvia randomly showed up as strong as she did only one episode after getting her hybrid gear is also odd.

The Himekawa scene was boring in comparison to the rest of the episode. It felt like re-hashed scenes from one of the other times that Kizuna had a moment with her. nothing special there.

Scarlet getting captured is interesting. I doubt she’ll be turned into a sex slave like Aldea was, but that’d be pretty entertaining if she was. I don’t think this series has the guts to do something like that, but we’ll see!

Ecchi Highlights

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