Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 12) – Aine: Aines

We’ve reached the final episode of Hybrid x Heart, which reaches some form of conclusion in addition to giving us some final action and ecchi content to remember the series by!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Aine: Aines

The battle continues. Kizuna and Aine enter the sex cube while the other girls stay outside to protect them. Inside, Kizuna uses the cube to re-create places and students from their school, in order to get Aine off using a public fetish, or whatever you’d call that.

When they exit, they find the girls all defeated by that purple haired woman. The woman then does something to Aine. Kizuna fights against everyone using his new power from the sex cube, and then Aine manages to wake up and power up enough to defeat everyone, or force them to retreat. I don’t remember which.

It’s also revealed that Aine is a princess of the Batlantis Empire at the very end.

Episode Thoughts

I thought the ecchi was good this episode, even though we’ve seen a ton of Aine ecchi content already. There wasn’t a ton of it, but what we got was good. There was a decent amount of action as well. It basically ended as you’d expect, vaguely with a small victory but the overarching story is still there in case they want to do a sequel or whatever.

As I feel like ecchi anime can often be at their worst when it comes to conclusions, as they often focus too much on action / story and drop the ecchi content in the final moments, I was glad to see this episode not follow that trend. The story wasn’t anything special to begin with, so a weak ending on that front didn’t mean much to me anyways.

Ecchi Highlights

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