Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 2) – Heart Hybrid

Kizuna is able to power up his colleagues by feeling them up, which then allows them to summon their hybrid gear and fight enemies. Seems the tone is set for the rest of the series!

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Heart Hybrid

Kizuna is introduced to the entire academy as the newest member of the academy’s leading team: Aine (white hair), Himekawa (black hair), and Yurishia (blonde hair). His ability is also introduced to everyone, with video footage, causing everyone to regard him as a pervert. After that, Kizuna is moved into the girls’ dorms and placed into the girls’ classes in order to “connect” with them more, as they will be relying on him to recharge their hybrid gears (they recharge naturally but it takes long periods of time).

After this, we meet a few new characters working under Kizuna’s sister, who is the principal of the school, and then Kizuna is sent off on a quick mission to a nearby island with the team. Kizuna has been appointed their new captain. On the island, Kizuna ends up getting separated from Aine and Himekawa. Enemies appear and Yurishia begins to fight them, but runs out of energy. After protecting her and getting hurt, Kizuna collapses. But he reaches out and ends up grabbing her breast, causing her to orgasm, recharge, and defeat the enemies.

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Episode Thoughts

This anime is giving me some real Infinite Stratos vibes, it’s as if someone watched that anime and decided it needed more ecchi. Speaking of, I can’t actually remember if there was very much fan service in Infinite Stratos or not. It might be worth a visit after this one!

Anyways, this episode was pretty standard. Protagonist saves the girl, wins her trust / love, all that sort of thing. I thought it was funny how he just reached out, in a dying motion, and grabs Yurishia’s breast, and that alone was enough to recharge her. It’s all good though because it’d get boring quick if they gave us an elaborate scene of Kizuna feeling her up head to toe, just to do it again in a few episodes. May as well start slow with her.

Speaking of getting boring, there are a bunch of random side characters in Kizuna’s class who technically also possess hybrid gears. Meaning, we could potentially get some fan service with them too, which I’d actually really like. I’m always a fan of background characters utilized in fan service, because too much of the main cast can get stale. We’ll see if the anime decides to use them or not.

Oh and one final point, there are transformation scenes when the girls activate their hybrid gears, and there’s some nudity during them, but there’s so much movement and the animation quality of the frames during them is so poor that I’m just going to ignore getting screencaps of them. Just believe me in that you aren’t missing much from them anyways.

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