Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 3) – Gentle Days: Memories

Hybrid x Heart settles down to give us some character development in episode 3. While there isn’t much plot development, there is still quite a bit of “plot” to be seen…!

Gentle Days: Memories

After living in the school for a short while, Kizuna hears from another student that Aine never smiles. This causes him to realize that he doesn’t know much about her, and so he tries to get closer to her with the intention of getting to know her, although Aine has a different idea of what she wants it seems. He also goes on a date with Yurishia and ends up running into Himekawa at some point.

Later on, Kizuna meets with his sister and finds out that Aine is an amnesiac who has no memories of her childhood. She was just picked up one day or something like this. He also finds out that if someone runs out of hybrid gear energy, they die, which causes Kizuna to get upset.

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Episode Thoughts

Alright, so things are looking pretty cliche here. The focus is ecchi, so it’s not surprising that they slapped it onto a stock story. Not every anime can be High School DxD, unfortunately. I thought it was funny how Kizuna got so upset at his sister for sending the girls out, knowing that they could die if they run out of energy. He said something along the lines of “They could get killed out there!”, which made me laugh. You’d think that the actual combat with alien robots would be the more pressing concern.

Anyways, I didn’t mind the episode. With shows like this I tend to like the “slice of life” calm before the storm. I imagine we’ll get swept up with action starting either next episode or the one after, with battles every episode till the series is over.

The ecchi was good too. Although the series has used nudity, I liked how in the ecchi scene with Aine they kept her bra on. But I tend to lean on the side of preferring some clothes to outright nudity, so that may just be my preferences. I mean, without clothes there’d be no panty shots right? It’s important.

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