Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 6) – World-Splitter Gladius

Kizuna and the gang end up having to return to Guam to fight Aldea after Himekawa goes off on her own. As she ends up dangerously low on energy, there’s only one thing to be done!

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World-Splitter Gladius

After their retreat last episode, Himekawa is upset that the dragon that Aldea had summoned wasn’t defeated. Something from her past made her angry about it. As a result, she runs off to fight alone. After she’s taken a beating, Kizuna and the others arrive to rescue her. Her energy levels are really low, so Kizuna and Himekawa have some fun together.

Afterwards, Aldea is beaten back, and the dragon is defeated thanks to Himekawa’s new weapon, as well as Kizuna’s new weapon. Aldea then summons some more enemies from the Otherworld, but a group of Americans arrive. A voice from the Otherworld commands Aldea to stop going off on her own, and pulls back.

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Episode Thoughts

A straightforward episode. Nothing in particular was that amazing. Some ecchi, some stuff happened, and that was the episode. The action and story weren’t anything to write home about. Wasn’t a particularly amazing episode, but this series is the definition of a lackluster story with ecchi tacked on, I think.

Now that they have this fancy training room, they can give us a little more variety, like how they made Himekawa into a cat girl that somehow is able to feel pleasure from her tail. Not really my thing, but hey, it’s something.

Ecchi Highlights

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