Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 7) – Imperial Hero: Grabel

With the introduction of the American team comes another girl who seems to be very interested in Kizuna’s ability. In addition, we get a glimpse into the Otherworld Empire, which ends up featuring Aldea’s ecchi secret!

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Imperial Hero: Grabel

The earlier half of the episode features Kizuna, Yurishia, and the captain of the American team: Scarlet Fairchild. She’s quite interested in Kizuna’s hybrid gear, and begins competing with Yurishia for his attention. At some point in their competition they end up trying on swimsuits. Scarlet pulls Kizuna into her changing booth and the struggle results in her falling on top of him. This then results in his hybrid gear activating or something.

Afterwards, we see Aldea parading back in the Empire. After which, we get a scene where Aldea has a yuri moment with some other girl. That girl then leaves and looks to kidnap Aine, but after enough fighting is forced to retreat as her energy was running low.

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Episode Thoughts

Well, I think Scarlet is pretty cute so I enjoyed seeing her brought into the story, even if she’ll probably remain a side character. Her achieving an orgasm from falling on Kizuna’s face was a little bit much though, it’s on the same tier as Yurishia having an orgasm from Kizuna merely touching one of her breasts for a split second. That whole side of things is pretty ridiculous anyways.

As for Aldea, well, hopefully she’s also into guys. Personally, I’m not a big fan of yuri content. I was kind of hoping she’d kidnap Kizuna or something. Still hoping for it, haha. I guess the girl she was spending time with is the imperial hero the episode is named after? I’ll be honest, I didn’t catch any of it. I lost interest in the story and its characters several episodes back.

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  1. Ah yes, the legendary yuri scene. You love to see it.

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