Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 8) – Connective Hybrid

Hybrid x Heart crosses over into borderline hentai territory in this episode as a new idea is introduced to Kizuna and the girls – threesomes!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!

Connective Hybrid

Upon analysis of the fight with Grabel, a new solution is posed to Kizuna: connective hybrid. In other words, threesomes with the girls. Kizuna wastes no time on this by inviting both Yurishia and Scarlet to the “training facility”. Yurishia and Scarlet have a heart-to-heart over their past before getting it on with Kizuna. And in this episode, they really get it on. Naturally, we don’t actually see anyone’s nether regions, but we do see activity in those areas…

Afterwards, the team heads out to confront Grabel and Aldea. Yurishia and Scarlet manage to defeat Aldea, and Kizuna manages to defeat Grabel. However, the two end up escaping before they can be captured.

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Episode Thoughts

Haha, well Hybrid x Heart isn’t afraid to get in there, that’s for sure! As I mentioned, it’s definitely crossed into borderline hentai territory, although it was already close to that. But I believe this is the first time we see sex (minus the bits), with Yurishia bouncing up and down on Kizuna, and some other things.

The fight was pretty good I thought, compared to some of the previous ones. The outcome seemed a bit predictable, but then this anime isn’t exactly focused on the story. The animation was also very spotty at times, but then it’s been like that since the beginning.

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