Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Season One)

The end of Hybrid x Heart marks yet another ecchi anime completed for Ecchi Hunter! This one pulled no punches and knew exactly what it was about: ecchi. So how did the anime hold up in the end?

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Hybrid x Heart follows Kizuna Hida as he enters Ataraxia Academy, a school dedicated to protecting the last remnants of the Japanese people who exist on an artificial island. The enemy, a mysterious group of invaders from another dimension, have seized control over most of the world. That’s the general premise, but of course, there’s an ecchi twist.

The girls that fight require energy in order to power their weapons, and Kizuna holds the key to recharging them quickly – he has the ability to recharge them by bringing them to an orgasm!

Genre / Setting

The anime takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where most of the Earth has been destroyed by these mysterious mecha invaders. And the remaining humans use mecha technology of their own to fight back. The technology in this anime is “embedded” within characters, becoming a part of them, which is why orgasms apparently play such an important role in recharging their energy. And as mechs would obstruct too much of the girl’s bodies, they instead fight in these pseudo combat suits.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of mecha, and that holds true here, even if the characters aren’t exactly in mechs. That said, I thought that there were several moments in the anime where the action was pretty enjoyable, specifically some fights that weren’t just a bunch of random henchmen enemy mechs being blown to pieces, which is so standard in mecha anime.


For the most part, I think the main cast was fairly cliche. Kizuna is fairly two-dimensional, your stock standard ecchi harem protagonist who always does the right thing and always puts his own life on the line for his girls. The girls were also fairly standard when compared to other harem anime. You’ve got the girl who’s not afraid to get all over the protagonist, the somewhat responsive girl who has some secrets, and the reserved tsundere girl. Nothing crazy there.

I think that the three main girls look great, but like with many other ecchi harem types I felt like the fan service featuring them got a bit stale over time. There were some side characters as well to help keep things fresh though, so it’s not a huge deal I think.


The story of Hybrid x Heart is inherently ecchi, as it’s central premise is ecchi. There’s always a balancing act between story and fan service in anime like this, and incorporating ecchi directly into the story can help alleviate that. Unfortunately, the ecchi premise from Hybrid x Heart didn’t really feel like it connected well with the story, as many times Kizuna was just feeling up the girls in situations well outside of combat, in more casual settings.

In fact, the story itself doesn’t move very fast, and so most of the anime felt very slice of life, just hanging around the school and focusing on character development and Kizuna feeling up girls. The story we did get was all right. Nothing to write home about. Partway through this series I found myself becoming disinterested in the story, and more interested in seeing how the ecchi content would play out in each episode.

Series Highlights

Here are some ecchi highlights from the series, in case you wanted a taste of what you can expect from Hybrid x Heart!


Story / Characters – Average

Let’s be honest, from the first episode it was obvious that Hybrid x Heart wasn’t going to be about the story. As much as the series may try to give us an interesting story to pair with the fan service, it just didn’t really deliver anything special. Not a terrible story mind you, just a very average one that I feel like I’ve seen many times before.

Ecchi Content – Smoking

There’s no question what Hybrid x Heart is all about – ecchi. And it does a great job with that. From the first episode the series steps up and keeps on delivering until the very end. You can basically expect to get some serious fan service every episode, as well as nipples. Despite the setting, the series manages to introduce a good variety in the fan service as well, instead of just showing us the same thing over and over, although it does feel like there is a little repetition at times with one character in particular.

Overall, Hybrid x Heart is a series that I’d only recommend if you are looking for ecchi, ecchi, and more ecchi. That’s what it’s all about, and the story is basically an afterthought to that. So yeah, go ahead and check it out (or check out my coverage of the series below!) if you’re just in the mood for some seriously ecchi anime.

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