Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 1) – A Hot ‘n Heavy Debate About Elf and Human MILFS, An Angel Ascends at Meow Meow Paradise, Can’t Get Enough of That Sensitive Birdmaid Cloaca!

Interspecies Reviewers Title

A couple of horny adventurers go on endless quests in an attempt to have sex with every species in this fantasy world. Then, they review and rate their experiences for the benefit of other adventurers!

A Hot ‘n Heavy Debate About Elf and Human MILFS, An Angel Ascends at Meow Meow Paradise, Can’t Get Enough of That Sensitive Birdmaid Cloaca!

Zel and Stunk, two adventurers who like to spend their evenings in the redlight district experiencing the delights of the many species of their world get into a fight about which is better between a five-hundred-year-old elf and a fifty-year-old human! To settle the argument, they ask a couple of other adventurers to weigh in and that was the birth of their reviewing business. After posting a couple to the adventurers’ board, they realised that they could make a ton of money doing what they love.

On one such quest, they saved an angel from a demon and as his halo was damaged they offered to protect him. In exchange, Crim would take them both to heaven so that they could do it with an angel. Crim also failed to mention that he had both sets of genitals, which was probably a good idea with these two.

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Episode Thoughts

It was a funny episode for sure, however, rather than bore you with the details, we’ve decided that we too shall be reviewing the species along with Zel, Stunk, and Crim. Obviously, we’re just going off what we see as neither of us has been to any brothels in any fantasy worlds…

Interspecies Reviewers Episode 1 Checking the Scores

500-year-old Elf

Interspecies Reviewers Elf

7 / 10

The looks definitely are there, and you can’t go wrong with an elf in the looks department. However, I have trouble with the age itself, because it makes me wonder just how many partners a 500-year-old elf succubus has had in her lifetime… Would she even enjoy the sex anymore after all that? It’s a far cry from a pure maiden, that’s for sure…


9 / 10

If she didn’t enjoy it she wouldn’t still be doing it. Elves easily have enough time to change careers if they want to. For me, she has the body and the experience. Just think of all the tricks she must have learnt over the years. This one is a no brainer… If you want me, you’ll know where to find me…

50-year-old Human

Interspecies Reviewers Human

5 / 10

I think that the woman displayed in the anime was a bit exaggerated and that the average 50-year old woman is more attractive than what we’re shown. With the right lifestyle, I think a 50-year old could still pull off decent looks. However, it’s still a 50-year-old woman, and unless I’m pushing 50 myself, I can’t really get turned on by the prospect.


0 / 10

I have to rate the character in the anime, especially as I don’t know any other 500 year old elves to be able to do the same there. There are obviously some incredibly beautiful 50 year old humans, I mean Jennifer Aniston turned 50 last year. However, this is not Jennifer Aniston. So, I’m out!

Cat Girls

Interspecies Reviewers Catgirl

0 / 10

I’m allergic to cats.


7 / 10

Big paws and that playful attitude. You can’t really go wrong, unless they decide to just randomly push you off the bed. There’s also the danger of claws and playful nips which sounds great, but cats have sharp teeth and that could go horribly wrong. But then, what is life without a little danger. Make sure to have a ribbon handy… just in case…


Interspecies Reviewers Dagon

3 / 10

The prospect of getting with something that almost seems like it belongs in a horror movie just isn’t my cup of tea. Even if the girl portion is cute, I’d rather not wrestle with any tentacles. That said, the Dagon gets a few points for piquing my curiosity. Perhaps it’s not as scary as it looks?


6 / 10

This would be insane, but she does come with her own restraints. My biggest concern is what her tentacles would feel like. Octopuses aren’t as scaly as fish, but there’s a lot of mucous involved. That said, why not? There is definitely a curiosity factor here that is hard to ignore.


Interspecies Reviewers Birdmaid

9 / 10

Excellent. A fiery but submissive attitude, Birdmaids look like a great time, with a ton of added fluff! Top-notch appearance with all the weight in the right areas. Just steer clear of the talons, and be mindful of the mess their feathers leave behind, and you’re in for a great time.


7 / 10

Firstly, she looks amazing and there’s no way I’m saying no here. I am a little concerned about the talons which would make cat’s claws look like nothing and I feel like the wings would bother me as I find feathers to be itchy… but that’s not going to stop me…

Episode Highlights

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  1. This is going to be something damn special.

    • It’s going to be something, that’s for sure.

    • You bet. I just hope they can keep it up with the variety of girls, because I feel like it’d be tough to bring up several different types of girls per episode for 12 episodes.

      • Yeah, that’s my concern. There doesn’t appear to be any sort of story beyond reviewing the girls, so as long as they give us plenty of variety and lots to laugh at it should be fine.

  2. I was really hoping you’d review this series!

    Based on your scores for the Birdmaid, I’m thinking Papi would fit right in here…

    • I love it than Yomu is reviewing Nekopara after giving that score to the cat girl.

      Also hoping this format will make reviewing this series a lot of fun.

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