Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 4) – Savage Succubi Will Squeeze the Life Out of You, Even If You Say You Can’t Go On, Salamander Girls Have Such Hot Bods, Hearts, Sals, and Manders, that You Can’t Help But Get Fired Up About ‘Em!

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We’re back with Ishuzoku Reviewers and what a way to return! Stunk and the crew wander down a strange alley and find a deal that appears to be too good to be true… and it probably is!

Savage Succubi Will Squeeze the Life Out of You, Even If You Say You Can’t Go On, Salamander Girls Have Such Hot Bods, Hearts, Sals, and Manders, that You Can’t Help But Get Fired Up About ‘Em!

Stunk, Zel, Crim, and Bruise are out looking for something a little different. Well, Crim would be happy with someone familiar, but he doesn’t get much say in this. They happen upon a succubus brothel with a staggeringly low price and no time limit. It turns out that it is full of low-level succubi who have already covered the costs, but they figure no one would come in if they advertised as free. Once inside, however, the succubi will go to town and you’re only allowed out once they say so… Zel cast a support spell on Stunk and Bruise and they head in. Crim decides to just watch from the window.

It isn’t long until the three heroes are all on death’s door, but the succubi show no signs of slowing. Luckily for them, an orc with one hundred friends shows up and the succubi cast aside the heroes to go after the real party!

It took Stuck, Zel, and Bruise three weeks to recover, which gave Crim so time to relax. But then, Crim’s landlady sent him on a mission to get fire rocks from the volcano and advised taking the perverts with him. They arrive at the volcano and end up at a Salamander brothel/barbecue! Despite the intense heat, they try their best to enjoy themselves, but only Crim was strong enough to take part in the after-meal activities…

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Episode Thoughts

It took us a while, but we’re back on the Ishuzoku Reviewers train and have some episodes to catch up on. That said, we can see why some distributors may have decided that this was too far, although a little due diligence should have raised enough flags. Regardless, we’re back and this was a hilarious episode and they may have found a better way to censor scenes. I’d quite happily watch Meidri taking a bath over a black screen anytime.

My only real criticism was the lack of reviews in this one. Sure, we saw Stunk, Zel, and Bruise review the succubi orgy and they didn’t seem to be too impressed. And only Crim reviewed the Salamander, so it felt like just one review. Still, that’s a fairly minor issue.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 4 Meidra taking a bath nude


Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 4 Succubi Orgy

1 / 10

While an orgy with so many hot and bothered lilim might seem good at first, after you’ve gotten off a couple of times the enjoyment will quickly fade, and in its place, you’ll be overcome with regret. This is a phenomenon called “post nut clarity”, and in this case, the situation will become very clear, very soon.


1 / 10

There are some challenges that you just can’t walk away from… Now, I love a challenge and find it hard to say no, but even in this instance, I think I might. I’d need to check that we didn’t have any healers in the party that might be able to keep up and someone might have to talk me out of it because if anyone else says they’re going in, I might find myself on the wrong side of the glass.

My low rating reflects the massive amount of inner turmoil I’d be dealing with walking away from a situation like this… Ah, to hell with it, I think I’m going in…


Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 4 Salamander Barbecue

0 / 10

Unfortunately, just like with the lilim horde, any attempts to hook up with a fiery salamander will quickly be met with regret. And unlike the lilim, where you may enjoy it at first, with a salamander, the only enjoyable part is the prospect itself. Any attempts to even touch the salamander will end with regret, especially if you burn your rod itself! In this case, the clarity comes with injury, and it’s just not worth it. Unfortunate, but it’s the truth.


7 / 10

I love a good barbecue and what could be better than a grill that is actually a smoking hot girl, literally! Is it an all you can eat buffet? If it is, then I’m definitely going to be staying a while. I also have surprisingly heat resistant hands. It might be from a childhood accident where the nerves in my palms may have been burnt, but it looks like I may have found the reason behind it. It was so that I could play with the salamander after dinner, but only a little, only my hands don’t feel the heat. Either way, I’m not going to downrate a good barbecue.

Episode Highlights

Succubi Girls!

Salamander Barbecue!

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