Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 5) – I Wanna Drown in a Cyclops Girl’s Pretty Eye, But It’s Pretty Hard? Speaking of Hard, Let the Pros Pick Out the Perfect Mushroom Girl for a Slimy, Sticky Good Time!

Interspecies Reviewers Title

An anonymous request to review a cyclops brothel has been delivered to Stunk and Zel, so I guess that’s where we’re heading today then. Also, Zel is oddly in the mood for mushrooms and he just can’t seem to shake it!

I Wanna Drown in a Cyclops Girl’s Pretty Eye, But It’s Pretty Hard? Speaking of Hard, Let the Pros Pick Out the Perfect Mushroom Girl for a Slimy, Sticky Good Time!

It’s worth mentioning that the anonymous request also came with a big pile of gold. They were asked to specifically review cyclops girls, but they could choose the brothel. It’s certainly an odd request, but with payment up front, there’s no turning down an offer like that. So, Zel, Stunk, Crim, and Kanchal go in search of somewhere to conduct their research. Having selected a place, they enter and are greeted by a suave cyclops who explains the setup. Apparently, they have girls of all sizes.

Kanchal jumps in and asks for the biggest one they have and is greeted by a cyclops with the largest eye you’ve ever seen. Her breasts, however, were distinctly average. It turns out the greeter was talking about eye size and not breast size. Anyhow, Zel and Stunk each choose a girl with a normal sized eye and get to work.

It’s worth noting that sometimes elves get these unusual cravings for things that remind them of home – the forest. This time, Zel is desperate for a good hearty mushroom stew. It’s something that Meidri can’t help him with. Stunk asks Crim if he wants to come to the forest for some mushrooms and Crim asks if they are secretly asking him to go to a myconid brothel, which they weren’t, but now they are!

Episode Thoughts

I’m pretty sure, I laughed all the way through this episodes with the exception of one moment. That was when the identity of the mysterious review requester was revealed. It turned out that it was a cyclops girl who had fallen in love with a human and felt conscious of her small (normal-sized) eye. When she read their reviews, it gave her the courage to ask the guy to marry her. In a way it was sweet. I said in a way.

The rest of the episode was a riot and I just kept laughing and laughing!

Ishuzoku Reviwers Episode 5 Meidri



6 / 10

While there is quite the variety of cyclops girls, in all shapes and sizes, the only real differentiating factor between them and a human is just their single eye and mana. Which means you may find some attractive girls, but in the end, their obsession with their own eyes and possible eye-related fetishes puts a damper on my opinion of them. In the end, I’m simply not interested in eyes enough to merit a cyclops girl over one of the other tantalizing races out there.


7 / 10

I don’t think having one eye would be that much of a deal breaker for me. Having one giant eye and then asking me to lick it, however, would be a massive no! So, as long as I ended up with a girl similar to the ones that Stunk and Zel ended up with it’ll be great.



8 / 10

The idea of fornicating with a.. fungus? Plant? may seem odd at first, but in actuality I think it gives these gals some unique attributes. They are mushrooms, which come in all shapes, sizes, and textures. The sheer variety of them means that whatever your taste may be, chances are good they have exactly what you’re looking for. So while it might seem odd on it’s face, the fact that you will be partnered up with exactly what you want means you can’t really go wrong here!


9 / 10

The real plus side for me here is the multiple girls all coming as one. This seems like a win, win, win and I’m amazed that they aren’t inundated with regulars coming back time and time again. Then, when you throw in the cool outdoors atmosphere and mildly spooky surroundings, it just gets better. I’m just hoping that the host picks the she-take mushrooms for me…

Episode Highlights

Cyclops Girls!

Myconid Forest!

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