Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 6) – You Can Build the Perfect Golem Girl, But Don’t Let the Girl You Base Her Off of Find Out. Cum to the Land of Dreams on the Light of the Will o’ the Wisps!

Interspecies Reviewers Title

Struggling to decide on what to review next Meidri offers a suggestion. How about they try the next species to walk through the door of her bar? When it turns out to be a Golem, she can’t help but laugh and wish them luck!

You Can Build the Perfect Golem Girl, But Don’t Let the Girl You Base Her Off of Find Out. Cum to the Land of Dreams on the Light of the Will o’ the Wisps!

Meidri seems to be delighted with the outcome of her suggestions, but it could come back to haunt her. Stunk, Zel, Crim, and Kanchal head to the Golem brothel and are greeted by a rather busty puppet. She explains that they get to make their own Golems and can select all the parts they wish. It seems like a lot of work, but they all get to it and see what they can come up with.

Crim is struggling to make anything that doesn’t look terrifying and goes to see how the others are doing. Kanchal is pleased with his creation and Stunk and Zel can’t believe their eyes. They’re so impressed that they ask him to make them one too. Kanchal asks Crim is he would like one… and after a while, he reluctantly agrees. So, Kanchal makes them all a Meidri Golem!

Needless to say, Meidri wasn’t too happy when she discovered the truth of their visit to the Golem brothel. They say her shriek was heard around the world! Some time later, once all had calmed down again, they town was overrun with dark beings and it was getting to Crim. Zel suggested that they get some light to pick them up, but of course, that meant going to a Will o’ the Wisps brothel. Of course it did!

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Episode Thoughts

This series has really hit its stride with the comedy. Sure, it’s a fairly simple formula as far as the story goes, but I have had a really good laugh of late and seeing Meidri lose it and beat the life out of them was incredible. Especially when she threw Kanchal into the air and punched him into the ceiling fan. She is brutal. It’s also fairly amazing just how many kinks their including in this series, but that’s probably to be expected. Either way, it’s a lot of fun and I am looking forward to each episode.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 Meidri laughing at the golem


Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 Golems

10 / 10

While a golem may not sound like the most enticing partner, the reality proves to be much different from expectations. With a pair of skilled hands and the right image in mind, you can build the woman of your dreams. Both in appearance and personality! It feels just like the real deal too. And the biggest plus is that it’s a golem! No need to think about how many previous partners she’s had, or running into her on the streets, or being too rough, or.. anything really!


10 / 10

At first, the idea was a little off putting and not just when you got to see the tank full of magical creatures that become an integral part of the golem. Then, however, once you see what potential lies before you, you very quickly forget about all that nonsense and get down to business. This is every nerds dream come true. You could make any waifu into a reality. Insert the right core and I don’t see how you’re going to go anywhere else. I’m not saying I would create a Saeko golem, but I absolutely would.

Will o’ Wisp!

Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 Will o Wisps

2 / 10

I’m really not a fan of bright lights, be it the sun in my eyes while driving during the day, or the bright headlights of a truck behind me while driving at night. The fact is, there’s such thing as too much brightness. And these girls are the definition of that, so bright that you can’t even spend time alone with them! Their brightness is such that you probably won’t even be able to properly see and appreciate them, meaning you may as well be blindfolded. Not preferable. If you do decide to go this route, wear sunglasses.


6 / 10

Like Yomu, I too prefer a darker setting, but I would also be prepared to go into this blindfolded and as you can’t really see anything anyhow, it seems like the better thing to do. It would probably help that you don’t see all the other patrons coming… ahem… and going. The girls themselves were beautiful and incredibly lively, so I don’t think your going to be disappointed there. The biggest stumbling point would be whether you’d mind the open nature of things. If that’s your thing, you’re in for a great time.

Episode Highlights

Meidri sends the Reviewers off with a Smile!


Meidri Found Out!

Will o’ Wisp Brothel!

The Light Parade!

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