Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 8) – Succu-girl Roleplay Will Get You Going All Night, The Angel’s Holy Lance is Great at Lancing Holes, The Succubus Tower Lasts Forever, But You (And Your Mayo) Won’t!

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The reviewers visit a Succubus Brothel that specializes in roleplay with a dungeon feel to it and then, before taking on a big quest, they visit the original Succubus Tower… all sixty floors of it!

Succu-girl Roleplay Will Get You Going All Night, The Angel’s Holy Lance is Great at Lancing Holes, The Succubus Tower Lasts Forever, But You (And Your Mayo) Won’t!

Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal are getting into a roleplay scene where they are torturing a group of knights before inevitably having their way with them, but some of the acting is a little too much for Crim. Some, however, is more than a little amateur. Anyhow, once the torture scene is over, they all head off to their individual rooms with the girl of their choice and bring the play to close.

Stunk, Zel, and Bruise are about to take on a quest that will keep them busy for at least a week. This seems like the perfect opportunity to visit “that” place and since Crim has never been, they take him along too. “That” place is the original Succubus Brothel where they can fulfil all of your desires and it’s cheap too. The only problem is, can you really withstand a true Succubus?

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Episode Thoughts

And we’re back on the Ishuzoku Reviewers bandwagon again and this one was a fairly standard affair to ease us back in. The episode featured two sets of reviews and the entertaining scenes beforehand. If I’m honest, this has been my issue with this series. While it has insane ecchi content and some pretty funny moments, there isn’t a story that makes me want to watch the next episode. It’s not the end of the world, but it really could have done with something to keep you watching beyond more tits. The scene where Crim was shown as a bottle of mayonnaise was hilarious, however.

Ishuzoku Episode 8


Ishuzoku Episode 8

7 / 10

Acting/roleplay can be a fun way to spice things up. The succubi may not be the greatest actors but I can definitely see the appeal here, it could be a good change from the usual “just hop in bed” experience. That said, this place seemed to specialize more in antagonistic roleplay? Which isn’t much my cup of tea, I’m afraid I’d be acting very similar to Crim in that I wouldn’t want to actually cause any harm, and the idea of a girl even pretending to be harmed isn’t all that appealing to me.


7 / 10

Once more, I’m agreeing with Yomu. Roleplaying is great, but this establishment seemed to focus on violent and aggressive roleplaying and that’s absolutely not my thing. I can’t imagine any more of a turnoff than a girl screaming at you to stop or appearing to be scared, whether it’s real or pretend. I like the idea, just not this particular execution…

Succubus Tower!

Ishuzoku Episode 8

7 / 10

Seems like the genuine succubi have it all. Variety, good rates, and expertise… however, the true price is the workout they give you and resulting exhaustion. Definitely not somewhere you’d want to go all the time, but I can definitely see the appeal of going here in order to save on brothels, as you can get away with only going once every week or two, for cheap! A good economical option.


9 / 10

Haha! Yes, this is the economical option for sure… I think this sounds amazing and directly opposite to the roleplaying option. Quite frankly, a succubus that is enjoying themselves has got to be the biggest turn on. Personally, I want to know that they’re having a good time and it’s pretty clear that these girls are loving it! If I have to sacrifice a little bit of myself to make that happen, then it’s a price I’m willing to pay. Also, if it’s half the price, you could go twice as often… Just saying…

Episode Highlights


Welcome to Succubus Tower!


Come back Soon!


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