Ishuzoku Reviewers (Episode 9) – A Deep, Dark Something Lies Between the Living and the Dead, The Darling Angel’s Lotion Explosion, and the Uncouth, Unsanctioned Reviewer Rivals Are In Their Scene!

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Stunk, Zel, and Bruise are away on their quest, which is helping a thousand-year-old vampire move house. Fortunately, he has his own brothel and they’re welcome to try it out. Meanwhile, Crim visits a witch that manipulates slime!

A Deep, Dark Something Lies Between the Living and the Dead, The Darling Angel’s Lotion Explosion, and the Uncouth, Unsanctioned Reviewer Rivals Are In Their Scene!

After helping the Count settle in they head off to the brother attached to the Count’s estate. There they can have their choice of the undead succu-girls on offer. It might be a problem for Bruise and his powerful sense of smell, but then how will any of them cope with sleeping with the undead?

Having been left at home alone, Crim visited a brothel alone for the first time. The girl in question was a witch that uses slime to enhance the experience. She can make it do whatever she chooses and once the fun is over, it can turn into water and drain away. Crim gives it a very good review and temps the others to try it out too.

They joked about how Crim must have been crawling the district for ages before finding this place, but he revealed that Kanchal collected reviews from other places and brought them back. At first, Stunk and Zel are furious that someone has stolen their idea, but then they read the reviews and just enjoy them. Now, they’re about to go on a quest to the brother with two sets of perfect scores!

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Episode Thoughts

So, this episode was fun and had some humorous moments, but it didn’t really blow me away. Sure, the girls were cute, especially the witch, but I feel like we’ve seen it all before. It’s the same bunch of guys visiting brothels and having sex with succu-girls. I’m still a little disappointed that there wasn’t an actual story involved in the series. Otherwise, it’s entertaining, but I’m not feeling the pull to make me want to watch more. I can’t imagine binge-watching the series at all.

Ishuzoku Episode 9 Zombie Girl

Undead Girls!

Ishuzoku Episode 9 Vampire Girl

3 / 10

I think the only real appeal there is to the undead is the shock factor, because I can’t see why an undead would ever be preferable to a live partner. Cold, lifeless, and a bad smell? I’ll take one of the golems from episode 6 over an undead. Is a golem technically undead also? I guess not, because it was never alive… Still my point stands!


6 / 10

I love zombies and vampires, but even here I’d have to think twice about something like this. The vampire has got to be the top choice, regardless of how cute the zombie is, but then there are other issues to deal with. If we’re talking about Selene from Underworld, then I’m all in and in a heartbeat. I just can’t see the zombie side of things working and I’ve seen two movies about zombie strippers!

Slime Witch!

Ishuzoku Episode 9 Slime Witch

2 / 10

The idea of being violated by a slime just doesn’t do it for me, no matter how you spin it. If the witch was more “hands-on” I’d definitely be inclined to increase the score. But just being violated by a slime alone? Once again, I’d have to pass on this one.


7 / 10

I’m with Zel and Stunk on this one. This sounds like they’ve taken the best parts of a slime girl and added them to a hot witch. It also depends on the skill of the witch to manipulate the slime, but at least it looked like Crim found a true professional. This one doesn’t sound that bad to me, if anything, I am certainly intrigued.

Episode Highlights

The Undead!

Crim goes Solo!

Other Reviewers!

The Quest Begins!

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