Ishuzoku Reviewers (On a Break) – Normal Service will be Resumed Shortly!

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Edit: Ishuzoku Reviewers continues! You can find our post on Episode 4 here, or scroll to the bottom of this post for the full list of episodes we’ve covered so far!

So, apparently Ishuzoku Reviewers is not suitable for Funimation and they hadn’t done any research on the series before buying the rights to it… Unfortunately, that means we’ll need to wait for someone else to pick it up before we can continue!

Normal Service will be Resumed Shortly!

This could be the point that I point out other shows on the Funimation platform that are of a similar nature and completely uncensored, but I don’t want to raise anything like that in case they hadn’t realised. Instead, let’s talk about Ishuzoku Reviewers and how it actually has an incredibly positive approach to sex and sex workers. It might seem outrageous that they are rating the services and the girls, but it’s clear that it is opinion based and they make sure to get a variety of opinions.

Ultimately, it’s disappointing that Funimation has not been able to fulfil their part of the deal in distributing the full series. The silver lining of this situation, however, has got to be that it won’t be long before someone picks it up. Right now, with all the discussion over it being dropped, this series is a guaranteed hit. As soon as a new legal streaming service is available we will continue to review the episodes and rate the girls.

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Episode Thoughts

Obviously, we don’t have an episode to review this week, but in a divine moment of precognition, I was smart enough to grab a load of images from the OP and have put together a gallery below of all the girls in the series. Which one are you most looking forward to seeing in the series?

Hopefully, this series will be up and running again in no time.

Episode Highlights


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  1. This whole Funi mess is really disappointing, as I know a ton of people were really enjoying the anime. Still, some other platforms seem to be trying to step up to the plate to sort things out, and there are always more morally questionable methods, too.

    Or indeed the manga! I’ve been reading that and enjoying it a lot, and I love the overall positive approach to not just sex work, but sexuality in general. Vol. 2 in particular has a fair bit of exploration of what happens if you explore something you don’t think you’ll be into, but you go in with an open mind regardless.

    Also the sequence where Crim is represented as a bottle of mayonnaise is one of the filthiest things I’ve ever seen.

    • Yeah, it’s almost guaranteed to be picked up by someone. The thing that surprises me is that no one did any due diligence on the title. It’s not hard to research stuff today and it’s not like they’re bidding on thousands of titles each season. If they wanted, I’d even do the research for them.

      I think I will have to check out the manga at some point too and I absolutely agree with how positive it is about the topic which is really refreshing.

      • J-List did an interesting blog post on the topic today. They point out it’s entirely possible Funi had to bid on the series “blind” while it was still in the planning stages, so it might not be quite as cut and dry as some people think. That and the anime is, from what I understand, a bit more explicit than the manga is.

        That said, the manga did exist when the series was announced, so there was *something* available to research. Oh well. We’ll probably never know the full truth.

        Do read the manga, though! It’s a lot of fun. Third volume is out later this month!

        • For sure, that’s possible, but like you say, the manga was available and I think they should have been able to make an informed decision off of that.

          I will check it out for sure.

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