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What started as a bar debate between Stunk and Zel soon became a lucrative side business and all they have to do is visit one of the many succu-girl establishments and rate their experiences. Sounds too easy!

Ishuzoku Reviewers – Season One!

Stunk and Zel are a couple of outstanding adventurers who just so happen to enjoy getting laid. Luckily for them, this fantasy world is filled with brothels featuring every race imaginable. Stunk, a human, had a great night with a five-hundred-year-old elf while Zel, an elf, preferred the company of a fifty-year-old human. Neither could understand what the other saw in their succu-girl and it became a heated debate at their local bar. After a couple of other guys chimed in with their views, they decided that they should visit and review every brothel they could find, selling their reviews on the adventurer boards around town. Before long, they were making money hand over fist…

Interspecies Reviewers Episode 1 Meidri Horrified

Favourite Succu-girl


In the end, the magic golems have to be my favourite. Build em exactly how you want, and enjoy! From appearance to personality, every experience can be exactly how you want it. Might seem difficult at first to know what you want, but I’m certain that with experience you’ll be building the girls of your dreams in no time, all the time! Plus there’s no baggage in terms of how many previous partners she’s had, which is a bit of a hang-up for me with many of the girls from this show!

Ishuzoku Reviewers Episode 6 Golems


A nice choice, for sure, but I am going to go with Archmage Demia, or one of her magical clones. That was the ultimate package and Demia was pretty much my type. You saw the boobs, right? On top of that, I found her real character to be one of the few characters in the series that seemed to have any real plans. We didn’t find out exactly what they were, but I liked her ambition.

Ultimately, she was incredible and would be at your side for three whole days, day and night. I’d fight a demon-lord every week if it meant that I could have an extended weekend at the Magic Metropolis!

Ishuzoku Episode 10 Demia

Overall Story Thoughts


As for the story, well, there wasn’t really much of one was there? Stunk and the crew just went around having sex with girls of different species, and that’s it. While it was a novel concept at first, it quickly grew old and even got to the point where there was really nothing at all enticing me to watch the next episode except for the question of “what species will they feature next?”. It’s a neat concept, but it didn’t work in practice. This kind of thing would be better suited to a couple of OVA episodes, or mini-episodes.

After all is said and done, I’m giving Ishuzoku an “Awful” rating on the story.


I have to agree with you there. I kept hoping for a story to develop, maybe something that involved Crim and why he was on Earth, but we got nothing. As you said, the concept was funny and worked well for a couple of episodes, but then it got boring. I really struggled to find the drive to watch the next episode. Every time I did, I found it funny, but that was about it. If this series had had an actual storyline that weaved all of the episodes together it would have been far better. I also agree that this would have worked better with the half-length episodes and focused on one succu-girl per episode.

I too shall be awarding this the lowest possible story rating – Awful!

Story Rating – Awful!

Interspecies Reviewers Episode 2 Meidri Shocked about Crim

Overall Ecchi Thoughts


While there’s no doubt the ecchi content in Ishuzoku Reviewers is very titillating, I’m going to continue to be a little contrarian here. My issue with the ecchi in Ishuzoku isn’t about quantity, but quality. Sure there plenty of attractive girls, nudity, and nude attractive girls. But I feel like there’s less value here because the anime just throws ecchi at us non-stop. It’s not the same as a childhood friend panty shot or some ecchi of a character that we’ve come to know well.

For example, of all the ecchi in the series, my absolute favourite was Meidri. Why? Because she was a character we came to know, see often, and we didn’t expect to get very much fan service from her, given her disdain towards what Stunk and crew were always up to. Aside from Meidri, Ishuzoku lacked this completely. And the way I see it, if you don’t have that connection, it’s not much different from just hitting up the internet for some hentai.

Overall though I’ll still give Ishuzoku a “Hot” rating. My tastes aside, it still deserves at least that, for trying too hard to shower us with nudity.


And I’ll be agreeing again. My favourite thing about ecchi anime is the tease and the comedy value of it. There were no gusts of wind lifting skirts or people falling over and ending up in compromising positions. This series just wasn’t that cheeky. There were lots of good looking girls and plenty of nudity, but like you said it didn’t have the same value as something like DxD where we get to know the characters as well. I can’t fault it for going out there and pushing some positive attitudes towards sex, but again, it would have made far more of an impact if it had a story or the characters had some value beyond their bodies.

I’m going to give it a Hot rating too because there was undoubtedly lots of ecchi moments and plenty of hot girls. However, it definitely failed to develop any connection between the audience and the characters, especially the girls (other than Meidri, possibly).

Ecchi Rating – Hot!

Interspecies Reviewers Dragon

Season Ecchi Highlights

Obviously, there were loads of highlights from this series and it’s impossible to put them all here so here’s a little sample. You can find many, many more on the episode highlight pages and you’ll find the links at the end of this post.

Episode Highlight

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