Issho ni Sleeping: Sleeping With Hinako (Review)

Sleeping With Hinako

Sleeping with Hinako is a single 45-minute episode OVA featuring Hinako, a well-endowed girl who… sleeps. And that’s about it.

Slow Paced, Sleeping Action..

I kid you not, this anime is just Hinako sleeping. The episode starts with Hinako getting ready for bed, and then she goes to sleep. We then proceed to watch Hinako sleep for around 35 minutes. An entire 35 minutes of Hinako tossing and turning, with the camera providing us with some up close “action” shots of Hinako. There are a few moments where something happens, such as Hinako falling out of bed, or going to get a snack, but you can expect most the episode to be of her sleeping.

I’m going to be honest, while I like my ecchi content, Sleeping With Hinako is a little bit uncomfortable to watch. It’s an anime, and yet it doesn’t feel quite right to just sit and watch a girl sleep for so long. However, I believe there is a reason for this. You see, there is another Hinako anime called Training with Hinako where Hinako does pushups, situps, etc. in order to “motivate” the viewer into doing some physical training.

I believe that the purpose of Sleeping With Hinako is to watch it while you are actually trying to go to sleep. Which is why it’s so long, despite nothing really happening. I guess the idea is that you relax and feel sleepy by watching a sleeping Hinako. While I think there are better ways to fall asleep, I can sort of see this working.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Awful

As you may have guessed, Sleeping with Hinako isn’t exactly the most compelling anime / OVA, from a story perspective. It’s literally 35 minutes of Hinako sleeping, accompanied with a few other short scenes. If you were hoping to get some sort of enjoyment out of the story, well, you won’t!

Ecchi Rating: Hot

If you completely ignore the context of what is going on, then I’d have to say Sleeping with Hinako has some pretty good ecchi content. Considering the entire OVA is just different angles of Hinako’s body, it’s fair to say that this is exactly what the creators of the OVA were going for.

To Conclude…

As you may have guessed, Sleeping with Hinako doesn’t exactly hold up as an “anime”. Considering most of the episode is looped cuts of Hinako’s body as she sleeps, this isn’t really supposed to be that kind of anime. I’d say it’s more of a “sleeping aid” filled with fanservice.

Which is pretty much what you’d expect from an OVA called Sleeping with Hinako anyways, right?


  1. I love this and Training with Hinako. I have indeed fallen asleep to Sleeping with Hinako before. I have not trained to Training with Hinako, but I enjoyed it regardless.

    • It would have been fun to see other applications of Hinako trying to help / motivate in everyday life. Like eating healthy, or studying…

      • That’d be neat, yeah. I’ve seen a few iOS/Android apps with a similar concept — particularly visual novels intended to be combined with exercise routines. That’s a neat idea, but I’m still just sliiiightly too lazy to be motivated even by a cute anime girl 🙂

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