Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 1) – Setouchi Keijo Training School!!!!

It’s time for another ecchi classic to reach the site: Keijo!!!!!!!!. I hope you like butts, breasts, and swimsuits, because that’s exactly what we’re going to get. A full twelve episodes jam packed with top-quality ecchi!

Setouchi Keijo Training School!!!!

And yes, the exclamation marks are part of the titles, both anime and episode. After all, there’s a lot of ecchi!!!! in this anime!

The series begins by introducing us to Kaminashi Nozomi, a new and hopeful keijo player in it for the money, and her friend Miyata Sayaka, daughter of a famous judo instructor and also new keijo player. The two arrive to Setouchi Keijo Training School, a school famous for training girls to become professional keijo players.

What is keijo? It’s a sport where girls in swimsuits stand on platforms over water and have to knock off the competition while remaining on themselves. The catch? They can only use their breasts and their butt to fight!

After a quick intro to Nozomi and Sayaka’s beginning at the training school, we get a flashback to the final test of their qualification prior to being admitted to the school. There we get to see some keijo action, with Nozomi putting up a fight against several other girls before eventually falling to Kawai Hanabi, a cute but vicious player. Sayaka also puts up a great fight against other girls and ends up staying on a platform till the end.

Finally, we get a quick glimpse at Nozomi’s new room, room 309, which she shares with Sayaka and two other girls. It seems they will be training together, and possibly competing together as well.

Episode Thoughts

Long synopsis I know, but once introductions and explanations are out of the way they’ll get much shorter for future episodes. After all, we’re going to need all the space we can get for all of the highlights! I promise to do my best in selecting the best highlights for this series, although I may miss some moments only because this anime is pure ecchi, start to finish!

In addition to the excellent animation quality, and great ecchi we’ve gotten so far, what really impresses me already is Nozomi’s character. She has such a fiery and great personality – she reminds me a lot of a shounen protagonist like Luffy (One Piece) or Natsu (Fairy Tail). Nozomi just exudes optimism and even when defeated she has such a respect and love for the sport of keijo that her eyes are always wide open in awe.

It’s going to be a lot of fun watching Nozomi on her journey towards a career in keijo! Sayaka is another interesting character, as she is framed as someone who already possesses the skill, being famous for judo – which makes me wonder what barriers she will have to overcome as we progress.

Anyways, let’s get to those highlights now!

Ecchi Highlights

Keijo Intro Fight!

New School!

6 Months Prior – The Admissions Test!

Nozomi vs. Hanabi!

Room 309: Toyoguchi Non and Aoba Kazane

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  1. I love this series. It’s just so well done and it works as a sports anime and a shounen, too. Nozomi is just awesome. Keijo!!!!!!!! is simply incredible.

    • Agreed. Keijo!!!!!!!! is one of the best, and pretty much the only sports anime I love!

      • Wait seriously? I can’t remember why I stopped after the first episode, but it seems like I need to complete this series ASAP.

        • It’s a ridiculous sport by all means, and yet Nozomi’s passion really gets me. In addition to the fact that I’ve recently discovered just how much I enjoy swimsuits in anime…

  2. I was wondering when you’d get to this series! Looking forward to your reviews! It’s about time someone did it justice!

    • It’s one of the best ecchi titles out there. Nozomi alone is such a strong character that I feel like I could watch her compete in anything.

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