Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 10) – The Second East-West War Race!!!!

With the West taking the first match / race, it’s time to jump into the second one in this best two out of three Keijo East-West war! Let’s get some more over-the-top Keijo action!

The Second East-West War Race!!!!

On the West’s team this time is Kazane, Toyoguchi, Yoshida, and Tsukishita. The match begins with them all getting split apart by the enemy, and it appears they are all on the ropes. However, they then play their cards by using the Land to their advantage and catapulting two of the East competitors into the water.

After this, Toyoguchi and Tsukishita team up to deal with one opponent while Kazane holds off Hououin, the enemy ace, using her “Gates of Bootylon” ability where she is able to copy the abilities of all her friends. Some fighting later and it’s down to the wire with only Kazane and Hououin left. The two clash breasts in one final attack and send each other flying – however, Kazane hits the water first, giving the win to the East.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was probably the most ridiculous yet! First, the graphic they used for Kazane’s “Gate of Bootylon” ability, mirroring Gilgamesh’s “Gate of Babylon” ability from Fate/Zero was hilarious. Then, Hououin revealed her powerful boob drill attack. In addition though, we saw one girl that would hypnotize herself in order to push her butt past it’s limits, one girl that would use dancing movements to attack / defend, and one girl that would use friction to create fire. Keijo truly is a sport of variety!

We knew that this episode was going to end in a loss for the West, as we have to go to the third match in order to see Nozomi! The way in which it ended was pretty funny though, with Hououin’s boob drill parting the water beneath her so that she would hit it after Kazane. Anyways, next up is the final round, and Nozomi!

Ecchi Highlights


Fairy vs. Vajra!

West on the Ropes!

Turning the Tables!

Gate of Bootylon!

The Boob Drill!

Tsukishita’s Sacrifice!

Final Showdown!

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