Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 11) – The Castle of the Final Match!!!?

It’s the beginning of the end – the final match of the East vs. West war! Will our gals from the West be able to pull off a win here? And what sort of crazy techniques will we see this time?

The Castle of the Final Match!!!?

The final match begins, and it’s on a giant castle in the middle of the water. How they managed to get the castle in there between matches is the real mystery! Immediately as the fight begins, Nozomi and Maya, the blonde girl who also wears a ribbon in her hair, begin squaring off.

In the meantime, Kawai and Rin team up against two opponents – one of which who uses a blinding attack by reflecting sunlight off of her chest. There’s a good deal of fighting here, and eventually the two opponents “combine”. However, another Setouchi girl, Saya, arrives and uses her quickdraw breast attack to take out an enemy. In the chaos, Kawai and Rin take out the other girl. This leaves only two girls from the East left to defeat. The castle begins to sink into the water.

Nozomi, after burying her face in Maya’s butt, and trying all sorts of attacks, begins to understand how Maya’s attacks work. Nozomi begins hitting her with vacuum butt cannons over and over. However, just as it seems Maya is at her limit, she lands a quick strike on Nozomi, and her personality seems to change…

Episode Thoughts

Let’s get a new techniques recap. First is the magician girl, that uses a layer of oil on her breasts to reflect sunlight into her opponent’s eyes. Very clever, and makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t do that! Next is the green haired girl, whose butt becomes stronger the more it is attacked. And then finally we see Saya’s boob quickdraw technique, which was both hilarious and awesome. Once again, Keijo truly is a sport of variety!

Naturally this match is a two-parter, because this episode mostly followed Rin and Kawai, although we did get a good deal of Nozomi. I think next episode will be Nozomi’s time to shine though. Like a shounen hero, her strength is being able to take punishment and learn how to overcome any opponent. It’ll be a fun conclusion next episode, I wonder if the anime will give us the win, or just make it close enough that the West will have earned the East’s respect.

Ecchi Highlights

Intro & Magician Girl

Nozomi Attacks!

Kawai & Rin Fight Together!

Quickdraw Saya Arrives!

Maya vs. Nozomi Intensifies!

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