Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 12) – The Heated Battle’s Rear-End!!!!

This is it, the end of the final battle, and the final episode of Keijo!!!!!!!!. Will Nozomi be able to overcome this newly invigorated Maya? Or will the East win another East-West War? And of course, will we get to see some more crazy butt or breast techniques?

The Heated Battle’s Rear-End!!!!

As the episode begins, the big girl remaining on the East’s side alongside Maya explains the situation – Maya has an alternate personality that’s even stronger than Maya, called Kaya. While Kaya wasn’t permitted to fight, she emerged after Nozomi put the stress on Maya. After saying this, Kaya eliminates her own teammate, to face the Setouchi girls 1v4.

And she successfully does so, as Nozomi is still hurt from a hit she took from Kaya last episode. Seeing this, Kawai fondles her breasts in order to get her nipples erect, and then jabs them into Nozomi’s back. Somehow, don’t ask me how, Nozomi becomes completely reinvigorated. Kawai and Rin both fall to Kaya as Nozomi is powering up.

Nozomi then puts the pressure on Kaya, causing Maya to come back. Maya and Nozomi face off in a final showdown that ends with one of Nozomi’s nipples sneaking through Maya’s defenses and knocking her into the water. Setouchi wins the East-West War!

The girls then all wind down at an afterparty. Sometime later, we see all the girls graduate from the Setouchi Training School and get assigned to various keijo branches across Japan, to begin their new lives as professional keijo players!

Episode Thoughts

What a final battle. You know, early on in Keijo!!!!!!!!, I really had the impression that the fights were going to be more about quick movements and techniques. The early fights we see were much more like that. However, it seems that as the girls became more powerful the battles began to look more like a shounen battle! Energy all over the place, crazy ranged attacks, and powering up. The final time Maya and Nozomi locked breasts was super intense.

The premise was ridiculous from the start, and watching all the unique abilities of the girls was super fun. I have a favourite myself, which I think I’ll share in the series review post for Keijo!!!!!!!!. This episode definitely lived up to the series’ level of quality and energy, and everything wrapped up well. It even ended in a way that leaves the possibility of a sequel open!

Ecchi Highlights

Meeting Kaya!

One Versus Four!

Kawai Powers Nozomi Up!

Maya vs. Nozomi!

Victory, Afterparty, & Graduation!

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  1. Keijo is something only Japan could create, and only Japan could actually make it work. It’s stupid, silly, but god damn does it actually work.

    • I would have loved to have been there when they discussed the idea. So, it’s like Sumo but with girls in bikinis and they can only make contact with their boobs and bums… Sure, why not. Here’s all the money you need to make this series!

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