Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 2) – The Hip Toss Brings Us Together!!!!

One episode of Keijo simply isn’t enough! We need more butts, more breasts, more swimsuits… luckily there are many more episodes to come! Let’s continue and see just how versatile those girls can be with their bodies!

The Hip Toss Brings Us Together!!!!

The episode begins with some intense training. Everyday the girls all go outside to perform a variety of exercises, from basic running, to butt-walking, to butt figure eights, to pushing tires with their butts / breasts… all sorts of things. They also hit the classroom to learn Boob-ology and Ass-tronomy. Serious stuff.

After that, they head to the beach to practice the hip toss – each team of 4 has to keep a beach ball in the air using their butts only. Due to the wind blowing the ball around, they need to use teamwork to keep it in the air for as many hits as possible. On the first day, Nozomi and room 309 do their best but can’t manage more than one hit, because of communication issues as Aoba is too shy to speak. On the second day, there is a hip toss competition, and the team manages to win it after Nozomi gets Aoba to speak.

Finally, the girls get to hit the pool for some training on Land (the platforms they stand on). They are to compete against teachers, four-on-one. Room 309 faces off against Siren, a former pro who seems to have put on a few pounds since her hey-day. But Siren still seems unstoppable. Nozomi, in desperation, somehow charges up a powerful attack with her butt, but Siren dodges. However, the blast was so great that her team’s swimsuits were all torn up!

Episode Thoughts

It’s all about the basics! Butt exercises for days. It’s always fun to watch the early episodes of a story like this where the characters are settling into their new school / position. And if anyone was curious as to what sort of education and training professional Keijo players would undergo, now you know!

The deal with Aoba ended up being pretty simple, she was embarrassed about her accent. Seems like a fairly standard occurrence in anime, although the one with the accent is almost always female! Anyways, overall the episode was a lot of fun. Animation was excellent once again, and Nozomi’s enthusiasm is fun to watch!

Ecchi Highlights

Daily Training!

The Hip-Toss!

Room 309 vs. Siren!

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