Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 3) – Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!

In a match against Siren, one of the teachers, Nozomi was able to pull off a powerful attack that tore her teammates’ swimsuits to shreds. And now, Nozomi has to undergo special training in order to master it!

Vacuum Butt Cannon!!!!

Immediately after the attack, Nozomi falls down due to pain in her hips. The match ends, and Nozomi is carried off to rest. We learn about the three different types of Keijo fighters: infighter, outfighter, and counter. The next day Nozomi is called to Siren’s office, where Siren tells her to give up on that attack, called the vacuum butt cannon. While powerful, it often damages the user’s hips and has caused many professional Keijo players to retire early.

Nozomi doesn’t give up though, and so she is given a special, super-tight, rubber suit to wear for the next month. While Nozomi battles with the suit, Sayaka works her hardest to get faster after witnessing the speed of Rokudou Rin. The two train and find answers, with Sayaka figuring something out to increase her speed, and Nozomi figuring out how to master the suit. Aoba is also able to learn her classmates’ techniques and abilities by massaging their butts, thanks to her magic fingers.

Several days later there is a competition containing both the regular and the elite class. There will be 4 matches, each with one elite and 4 regulars. One of each of Room 309’s members will be competing in each match, and first up is Sayaka!

Episode Thoughts

This series is simply addicting. And not just because of the ecchi! I feel like with this energy and this cast, you could change the sport to golf and I’d still be hooked. Probably. The swimsuits and constant butts do elevate Keijo!!!!!!!! to something above that of a regular sports anime though. This really is the whole package.

This episode was a training episode of sorts. Aoba, Sayaka, and Nozomi all put some sort of effort into becoming stronger. Toyoguchi, well, who knows about her. I wonder if she has some secret, or if she just plans on dumb luck helping her out! Also, it seems Nozomi will be competing while wearing the rubber suit, which I have to imagine will actually help her vacuum butt cannon because of the elasticity. Maybe she will change before she has to compete, but it doesn’t seem like it.

Regardless, next episode is Sayaka’s big match. I wonder if we’ll get to more after that. Either way, the Keijo matches are a lot of fun to watch so I’m certainly looking forward to it!

Ecchi Highlights

After the Match + Meeting Rokudou Rin!

Nozomi’s Special Training!

Sayaka’s Training!

Aoba’s Massages!

Nozomi Masters the Rubber Suit!

Match Day!

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