Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 4) – The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!

The matches against the elite class begin, with Miyata first up against Rokudou Rin, self-proclaimed fastest Butt in the East! Let’s see some quick butt action in this episode of Keijo!

The Battle for the Fastest Butt!!!!

We see three battles in this episode, all 3 regular class students against an elite class student.

First is Sayaka vs. Rinrin. Initially Miyata seems on the ropes, but then she manages to surprise Rinrin and keep pace with her. However, Miyata lacks the lung capacity to keep it up for as long, and falls behind once again before revealing her secret “W-Acceleration” technique! With this technique, Miyata manages to win the battle.

Next is Toyoguchi, against an elite class member that prides herself on her steel-hard butt clenching technique. However, when she attacks Toyoguchi, the attack is absorbed into Toyoguchi’s soft butt and then bounced back, causing her to fall out and giving Toyoguchi the win.

Finally, Aoba faces off against Kusakai, the blonde elite who is apparently the best of all the elite class. Initially, with teamwork, Aoba and the other two regular class girls are able to drive Kusakai into a corner thanks to Aoba knowing everyone’s abilities from her massages last episode, but Kusakai then uses breast hypnosis to freeze them all in place and then knock them into the water.

All that is left now is Nozomi’s battle!

Episode Thoughts

We’ve gotten into some serious action this episode! From speed, to.. luck?, to an outright hypnosis technique, we got all sorts of ridiculous moments this episode. Miyata giving herself a wedgie to speed herself up, the “steel butt”, Toyoguchi’s “soft buns”, breast hypnosis… who said that Keijo was a simple sport?! It’s just outright crazy!

Anyways, considering the anime’s existence is ecchi, there’s no need for me to comment on that. Lot of swimsuits and great action! And next is the highly anticipated Nozomi fight!

Ecchi Highlights

Miyata’s Battle!

Aoba’s W-Acceleration Demonstration & Miyata’s Post-Battle Massage!

Toyoguchi’s Battle!

Aoba’s Battle!

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