Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 5) – Full Auto Cerberus!!!!

With Miyata, Toyoguchi, and Kazane’s battles out of the way, Nozomi is the only one left for us to watch battle it out! Her opponent from the elite class is Fujisaki, someone we don’t know anything about…

Full-Auto Cerberus!!!!

Nozomi takes off the UTM rubber suit to find her body feeling spry and limber without it. Determined to win, she heads out to the pool. She will be facing off against Fujisaki from the elite class alongside two no-name regular classmates. Once the fight begins, Fujisaki reveals her abilities, striking down the two no-names in moments while keeping her back completely turned. Her butt, which she calls “Cerberus”, hones in on it’s prey and takes them out seemingly on it’s own.

After much dodging, Nozomi decides to take Cerberus head-on. She uses a new technique she calls the “Vibe-Ring Hip!”, gyrating her legs while her butt is locked with Fujisaki’s, to throw Fujisaki off and stimulate her. However, Fujisaki is able to fight it off. After even more dodging, Nozomi decides she wants to win this battle no matter what, and unleashes a Vacuum Butt Cannon, but misses. Nozomi then prepares another one, and the two hit each other butt-on with their strongest attacks. Nozomi ends up winning as Fujisaki is thrown off the Land.

After all is said and done, we end up learning that the entire Room 309 crew has been promoted to the elite class!

Episode Thoughts

You know, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Keijo is totally ridiculous! It’s so ridiculous, and yet so amazing that I just can’t believe it. Watching Fujisaki slide backwards towards her enemies while a wolf-head appears around her butt is just hilarious. I absolutely love the crazy techniques that we witness in this anime. I also loved how Fujisaki would pat her butt and talk to it. This was just an awesome and very funny battle.

Kazane was convinced that she would be sent home because she lost last episode, but then we learn that Kusakai’s “Hypnotits” ability was a forbidden technique! Apparently it’s simply too dangerous to use on rookies. I totally get that, because I’m sure I’d end up in a mindless trance too if I ever encountered that technique…

With such a great ending, we now get to see what life is like in the elite class next episode!
I can’t wait, this anime just keeps getting better!

Ecchi Highlights

Taking Off The UTM!

Battle Start! Cerberus Unleashed!

Nozomi vs. Fujisaki!

The Final Showdown!

Nozomi’s Post-Fight Inspection

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  1. This series is just too insanely good! I love the style of the artwork too. It really stands out and is top quality.

    • It really gives any mainstream shounen title a run for it’s money I think!

      • For a twelve episode series, it does an amazing job of bonding you to the characters. I’m still waiting for a second season and will continue to do so until it happens.

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