Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 6) – Alluring Kyoto Trip!!!!

Nozomi and the rest of Room 309 are all officially in the elite class! How will their daily lives change with this sudden upgrade in status? It seems with better food… and a trip to Kyoto!

Alluring Kyoto Trip!!!!

The elite class heads off on a trip to Kyoto for special training. However, the buses arrive at the resort early so the girls all have a few hours to tour Kyoto first. After that, the girls are all divided into rooms based on their fighting type – infighter, outfighter, and counter. Nozomi is placed with the infighters, but her actual fighting type hasn’t been explicitly stated so far.

Outside the resort they are introduced to Shirayuki Kyouko, the “Missile Lady of Kyoto”, and the pro Keijo player we saw in the first episode. The girls are then taken to a beach where each fighting style will be trained by a professional keijo player.

Nozomi and the infighters head off to train with Kyouko, and have to fight her one-on-one so she can gauge their abilities. Nozomi goes first and is unable to land a single hit, before being knocked off the Land. Kyouko then reveals that Nozomi has a glaring weakness, that she needs to figure out or else she’ll never make it as a professional.

Episode Thoughts

We didn’t get as much ecchi content this time around, but I think that’s fair considering how much we’ve seen the girls in their swimsuits over the past 5 episodes. This episode overall felt alright, not as exciting as previous episodes but again that’s also fair because we’ve just wrapped up a few episodes of intense fighting.

If anything, this episode felt like it was the setup for a new hurdle for Nozomi. Now that she’s conquered the UTM rubber suit, and made it to the elite class, she needs another challenge to face. This time, it’s about breaking down her own body and technique and figuring out why she was unable to land a single hit on Kyouko. Once again what this means is that Nozomi will be able to “level up”, should she overcome this.

Ecchi Highlights

Trip to Kyoto!

Shirayuki Kyouko – The Missile Lady of Kyoto!

Training With A Pro!

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