Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 7) – Where the Turnips Lead!!!!

The Kyoto training camp continues with Nozomi working to figure out her crucial weakness, and then figure out how to solve it. And that solution, offered by Shirayuki-sensei, involves a lot of turnips…!

Where the Turnips Lead!!!!

After another day of training, Nozomi discovers her weakness – her butt is too big! Because she’s put on more muscle in her butt, her speed has decreased, making it more difficult for her to hit her opponents. Shirayuki-sensei stops by finds out that Nozomi has discovered her weakness.

The next day, while the other infighters perform training wearing UTM rubber suits, Shirayuki-sensei takes Nozomi to a nearby turnip farm. She then ties a rope to her waist, and uses her butt to pull a turnip from the ground. Nozomi’s goal is to do the same, but whenever Nozomi tries, she breaks the turnip!

After several days of toiling in the fields, Nozomi finally is able to figure out the secret – using the intertial momentum from her butt as the pulling force, not her hips!

Episode Thoughts

This was an awesome episode. I mean, they all are, but this one was also. I got a good laugh at the solution to Nozomi’s problem being that she has to make use of her butt’s momentum, implying it’s so big that her butt’s momentum is a force of it’s own to be reckoned with.

The fan service from this episode was great. We had scenes including swimsuits, the bath, changeroom, and the good ol’ training spats. Never have I seen spats be such an effective form of ecchi fan service until Keijo! Those close ups of Nozomi’s butt as she’s about to attempt to pull another turnip from the ground…. one of a kind!

Ecchi Highlights

Nozomi Strips for Miyata

River Training

The UTM Makes A Comeback!

Turnip Time!

Bath + Changeroom Scenes!

Mission Accomplished!

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