Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 8) – The Dramatic East-West War!!!!

The Kyoto training trip is just wrapping up, and after that, it’s time for a battle between the East and West Japan Keijo schools! Regardless of who wins, I think we’re all winners for just being able to witness it…

The Dramatic East-West War!!!!

The episode begins with a couple of battles at the Kyoto training camp. First, the muscle butt girl faces off against Toyoguchi again, and loses in a similar manner. After that, Nozomi faces off against Tsukishita, Kusakai’s “groupie”. Tsukishita seems to have the upper hand at first with her speed, but Nozomi is able to use the “asseleration” technique she learned from pulling turnips to draw Tsukishita into a corner and then defeat her.

After this, the girls head east to partake in the East-West War, an annual event between the nation’s two keijo schools. Just for reference, Nozomi and friends are from the west school. Tensions fly as the students clash a little prior to the tournament. Then the girls are divided into teams of four, as this is a team competition of three 4v4 battles, best two out of three matches wins the tournament.

The episode ends as the first team, containing Miyata, Kusakai, Fujisaki, and some other girl, enters the arena for the first match.

Episode Thoughts

Well, I don’t know who that fourth girl is, although her name was announced, I can’t be bothered to go back and find it. All we really need to know is that she’s probably going to be eliminated very early in in this first match. Although it’d be hilarious if this random girl ended up being the star of the match and the last one standing!

I really enjoyed Nozomi’s fight with Tsukishita. Nozomi’s butt really has gotten big since the first episode, or at least it feels like it with the camera angles we’re getting. It almost appears bigger than Toyoguchi’s butt at times, and maybe it’s around the same size only more muscular. Anyways, what I’m trying to say here is that I like all the shots we’re getting of Nozomi’s butt!

I only have one complaint going into the next episode, and that is that the girls are all wearing bikinis for the match! Personally, I prefer the one-piece swimsuits…

Ecchi Highlights

Toyoguchi vs. Yoshida!

Nozomi vs. Tsukishita!

Pre-War Tension

Match 1 Imminent!

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