Keijo!!!!!!!! (Episode 9) – Ruler of the Jungle Gym!!!!

I just can’t get enough of Keijo!!!!!!!! And here, we’ve got an absolute top-notch episode featuring the first match of the East vs. West war! How will the 4v4 battle go down?!

Ruler of the Jungle Gym!!!!

As expected, immediately after the fight begins, the random 4th girl Miyata’s team gets eliminated by the twins, after they work together to yank her off the land. Next, Miyata, Fujisaki, and Kusakai launch a “Butt-muda Triangle” attack on the muscle girl on the other team. Down to 3 on 3, Kusakai goes to face the twins while Fujisaki and Miyata work on Nanase, the other team’s ace.

Kusakai uses her butt to pleasure the twins, rubbing their chests and their butts, until they fall off. This is during the Nanase fight.

Nanase has the ability to see the weak / soft points on her opponent’s bodies, and she uses this to take down Fujisaki. Miyata then uses a super W-acceleration to almost knock off Nanase, but then she runs out of steam before she can finish it off. Miyata then massages her chest in order to make her nipples erect, and then uses her nipple to catch Nanase’s bikini top and throw her to the ground.

The west wins the first match!

Episode Thoughts

What a ridiculous fight. First off, I KNEW that random girl was going to be eliminated almost immediately, and she was. In the first seconds of the fight, even.

Kusakai’s technique was just laughable, pleasuring the twins. Considering Kusakai is a lesbian and always going after the other girls, I’m not surprised. Would have been nice to see her hypnosis again though..!

And then, Miyata’s fight was crazy and also funny. She wedgied herself so hard that her bikini bottoms tore, in order to speed herself up. And then performing a judo movie with only her erect nipple! Amazing.

I’ll end this by saying now that it’s pretty clear the east is going to win next match, even though I’m sure they’ll make it super close. Because Nozomi is on the third team, and in the third match. This is a best of three tournament, so the east has to win the next one so we can see Nozomi battle in the final match!

Ecchi Highlights

Immediate Elimination!

Butt-muda Triangle Attack!

Fujisaki vs. Nanase!

Kusakai’s Pleasure Techniques!

Miyata vs. Nanase!


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  1. I love this series. I feel like you should have caught an image of Miyata’s father finally approving of her career choice after the nipple judo throw. Never has there been a prouder man!

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