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Killing Bites Title

With Hitomi down, Taiga rushes in to fight Kido who has now revealed his full Pangolin form. Ichinosuke appears to help, but will either of them be a match for Kido and what will happen to Hitomi?

Let’s Go Together

Taiga appears to have worked out Kido’s weakness and attempts to attack his belly, but Kido rolls into an impenetrable ball. No matter how much Taiga attacks, he can’t put a scratch on him. Then, when an opening appears, he attacks. However, it was a trap and now his arm is caught inside Kido’s ball. With his razor-sharp scales, Kido rotates his body and cuts Taiga’s arm clean off. It looks like Taiga might be finished, but Ichinosuke appears and barges into Kido.

They wrestle for a moment, but Kido is a walking weapon. He thrusts out his arm, impailing Ichinosuke. Taiga leaps into action at that moment and hits Kido in the face, slashing out one of his eyes. The victory is short lived as Kido turns Taiga into a kebab with his spear-like tail.

Youka Mitsukado can’t contain her delight and gloats in front of the entire cruise ship, practically losing for it a moment there.

Kido turns his attention to Hitomi, but Eruza jumps between them. Ui tries to dig an escape route, but something happens to Hitomi.

Shidou watches from the cruise ship aware that Hitomi has returned to her origin state. It would appear that Shidou found Hitomi as a child in China who already possessed an animal part. He didn’t know where it came from, but she wasn’t a result of gene-therapy like the other Therianthropes.

In this new form, or original form, Hitomi hits Kido hard and seems to be enjoying the prospect of fighting him!

Episode Thoughts

The fight between Taiga and Kido was pretty awesome, although why Taiga stuck his hand inside the ball is beyond me. I get they’re trying to say that he becomes a little irrational once he gets the bloodlust, but that was just plain stupid. My favourite moment was when Youko completely lost it and gave us some of the greatest crazy facial expressions in the series so far. Hitomi’s origin story was interesting and I wonder where she came from before that.

Either way, Hitomi has taken over the crazy expressions and I’m expecting a load more in the next episode. This should be a killer fight!

Ecchi Highlights

Fighting Kido!

Your Crazy is Showing!

Must Protect Hitomi!

Where did Hitomi Come From?

The Fight’s On!

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