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Killing Bites Title

Hitomi is in her original form and seems to be playing with Kido. Eruza can only watch with marvel, however, when Hitomi kicks Kido into some flowers, he loses his mind and is ready to do some real damage.

Don’t Bully Mom

Hitomi begins to toy with Kido, bouncing around him and laughing as he attacks. However, she knocks over a lighting stand and Kido suddenly rushes to stop it from crushing some flowers. Well, it turns out Kido’s mother told him to think of her as the flowers not long before leaving his father. Kido’s father then taunted Kido and smashed up his mother flowers which made Kido lose his mind and kill his father.

Of course, this just increased him desire to kill Hitomi, but she was still playing and managed to slash his belly. Kido retreated into a ball. Hitomi just seemed to enjoy that more and kicked it into some trees, destroying more of those flowers. Kido went berserk and cut Hitomi’s arm off. He continued to attack and was about to finish her off when she jumped away and threw her severed arm at Kido. She followed with a massive attack, punching through his mouth and out the back of his head.

It looked like Hitomi had won the Destroyal, but then she fell asleep. Amazingly, Kido climbed to his feet, but Eruza who had been watching with disbelief shot in and slashed his throat. Now, it looked like Eruza had won. However, Ui was still alive and well. Eruza chased Ui, who slipped and accidentally kicked Eruza in the head, knocking her out. Amazingly, Ui had won the Destroyal.

The heads of the Zaibatsus immediately went on the offensive with each other, but out of nowhere the power on the island and the boat was cut. The camera crews were all dead, killed by a group of Chameleon Therianthrope assassins.

Episode Thoughts

I’m not a huge fan of fights that go on longer than one episode, but this was amazing. What a way to end the Destroyal and not to mention the strain it put on Youko Mitsukado’s face. It was hilarious watching her going up and down as the fight appeared to swing one way and then the next. I loved that Ui won as well.

The Chameleon strike team are obviously from the same Zaibatsu as the Ryuuji, Kaede, and Den as they appear to have the lizard group, which means this looks like an attempted hostile takeover. Can’t wait to see Hitomi wake up and take care of things again. Going to be interesting to see if they can do anything about her missing arm!

Ecchi Highlights

Play Time!

Premature Celebration!

Someone’s Having Fun!


Fine, Let’s Finish It!

I Lost to Him!

Not Over Yet!

What About Now?!

Still Not Over!

Wait There’s More!

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