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Killing Bites Title

The Chameleon Brutes arrive on the island to take care of any of the surviving Brutes, but they are quickly taken care of by Hitomi and Shinozaki. So, who did this and what’s going to happen to them now?

Thanks for Everything

Ui was tending to Hitomi’s wounds when the Chameleon Brutes attacked. She managed to dodge their first attacks but tripped on a rock and got caught. Two of the Chameleons closed in to finished her off, but Hitomi climbed to her feet and quickly took care of them. However, that was the last of her energy. One of the remaining Chameleon’s went to kill Hitomi when he was attacked and killed. The other was taken out shortly after by Mai Shinozaki who sent a picture back to the Zaibatsu bosses.

It was obvious that Miyabi Sumitomo was behind it and while he started to rant and rave at the others, Leo shot in and sliced him to pieces. Youzan Mikado was impressed with the decision, but then Shidou and the other Zaibatsu chairmen faced him and accused him of impeding developments. They wanted to bring Therianthropes out in the open for the better of mankind (or to deepen their pockets) and Youzan had stood in the way. Leo killed him too.

Youko Mitsukado arrived at the control room and was horrified by the sight of her grandfather lying face down in a pool of blood. Shidou told her that he had a heart attack and that they’d notified the authorities. She obviously didn’t believe him and order Leo to kill them. He ignored her demands as the other Zaibatsu chairmen wandered off. Youko was furious at Leo, but he had other plans for her. He would let her live as his slave, providing she was good and quiet.

After the Destroyal, Yuuya Nomoto went back to his normal life. Oddly, he missed Hitomi and the life he’d experienced. Then, when he got a message from Hitomi asking him to meet her, he hurried to the location. There he thanked her for helping him to step out of his shell and be more assertive. She asked if he was falling in love with her. It seemed like they each had feelings for one another, but then Hitomi slashed him and left him to die.

Two years later, a Therianthrope bill had passed and an island had been built in Tokyo harbor to home the new Therianthropes. Two girls arrived at the Killing Bites arena, keen to try their skills, backed by a mysterious man who looked remarkably like Yuuya!

Episode Thoughts

This was one of those episodes where everything felt like it was completely obvious but still managed to catch you out. Hitomi killing Yuuya was the big surprised. It was completely inevitable but it still came as a big shock. The two Zaibatsu chairmen getting killed was far more obvious and Leo was as untrustworthy as anyone. In the end, I felt sorry for Youko Mitsukado. She had good intentions but was a pretty horrendous person. However, she didn’t deserve to become Leo’s plaything. I feel like they’re trying to shift our focus onto Leo and Shidou being the ultimate villains.

It’s been two years since this series was aired and there is no talk of a second season, which is a shame because I really enjoyed it. There were some fairly cliched and obvious moments, but I think it did enough to deserve more. I’ve certainly seen worse series get a second season.

Ecchi Highlights

Chameleon Brutes!

Coup d’etat!

Youko Mitsukado!

Back to Normal!

Meet me at the Place!

Two Years Later!

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