Killing Bites (Episode 2) – Shit, I Might Fall For You

Killing Bites Title

Hitomi used Yuuya as bait to draw out another fighter and it worked. She was about to finish her off too, but Yuuya interfered and then a huge guy sent her flying and begged Hitomi to join his group!

Shit, I Might Fall For You

Yuuya was approached by a girl, flashing her body and once he was distracted she stabbed him in the leg with a long pointy spike. With Yuuya confused and shocked, she grew a couple more and threatened to stick him like a pin cushion if he didn’t tell her everything he knew about Hitomi. Well, Hitomi was there waiting for her so she could ask her herself. A fight broke out with the girl that flashed Yuuya having the abilities of a porcupine, but would she be any match for the honey badger?

No, but it wasn’t without its moments. Rowdy thought she had won, but Hitomi shrugged it off and hit her with her big attack. Hitomi was about to finish off Rowdy when Yuuya begged her not to kill anyone in his neighborhood. She refused, but Rowdy jumped up and was about to attack when a huge juggernaut of a man barrelled into her and sent her flying. Hitomi prepared for another fight, but it turned out this one wanted Hitomi to join his group and was willing to beg.

Hitomi had no interest in it until she got a message from Shidou and her attitude changed in an instant. She was also to accompany Yuuya at all times as he is her only financial backer. They head to college where Hitomi sits in on Yuuya’s economics lecture. However, when boredom strikes, she heads to the bathroom and is rudely interrupted by another girl, who steals her panties and forces Hitomi to chase her outside.

Hitomi catches up, but the other girl is able to pivot and pin Hitomi. She transforms into a cheetah and tries to strike Hitomi, but Hitomi bites her hand as she tries. Their fight is then interrupted by a boy and a bear who tell Eruza, the cheetah girl that Hitomi is being entered in some huge fight and as such is off-limits. They then leave, leaving Eruza to explain everything to Hitomi…

Episode Thoughts

So, this series is a lot of fun. I was expecting just one fight per episode, but we managed to get two in and both were great. Admittedly the second one was cut a little short, but everything building up to it more than made up for it. I’m not sure why Eruza stole Hitomi’s panties, but it was a great moment and I’m sure it probably had to do with drawing Hitomi away from the school.

This series continues to deliver on the panty shots and has some fit and powerful girls, so it’s just win, win, win at the moment. I don’t think this series is going to be too heavy, but I’m enjoying the awesome character designs, crazy fights, and quality ecchi. It’s odd that all the guys appear to look much more like the animals they transform into whereas the girls remain cute and sexy. I’m not complaining, just thought it worth making an observation…

Ecchi Highlights

Brute Rowdy!

Let’s Make a Deal!

Time for School!

School’s Boring!

More Interruptions!


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