Killing Bites (Episode 7) – Because… That’s What I Feel Like

Killing Bites Title

Once Kaede gets orders to leave, Hitomi and Eruza continue their fight from before the Destroyal, however, once Eruza has Hitomi pinned, she does something quite unexpected. Something else is going on here!

Because… That’s What I Feel Like

Youko Mitsukado’s fighter interrupted Ryuuji and Ichinosuke’s fight and quickly grew angry at the crocodile for knocking down trees. Ryuuji didn’t care for Kido’s views and attacked him. It would appear that Kido is even tougher than he looks, and he looks insanely tough. He hits Ryuuji with a single blow, punching a hole through his head. Then to the surprise of the spectators, he then starts to pound on Ryuuji’s lifeless body.

Shouta goes after Ichinosuke but is surprised to see his hit miss as Ichinosuke disappears down a hole in the ground. Ui greets Ichinosuke how is injured and needs some time to recover. She decides to do some more digging and accidentally emerges in front of Shouta who attacks, much to her horror.

Kaede gets given her orders and flees the fight with Hitomi and Eruzi who then turn on one another. However, once Eruza has Hitomi pinned she leans in and kisses her. Hitomi is surprised, but even more surprised when she returns the kiss and is unable to stop things moving from there. It turns out, Kaori is nearby and she can turn into civet which as a particularly strong pheromone attack.

Unluckily for Kaede, she runs into Taiga and is taken out before she can even attempt to attack. The live feed for the spectators quickly turns back to the Hitomi and Eruza fight which has now descended into some pretty heavy petting. This infuriates Youka Mitsukado who demands they get on with things.

Luckily for everyone, Hitomi snaps out of the trance and attacks Kaori, but before she can get any clean hits, Taiga arrives!

Episode Thoughts

Well, I was bemoaning the lack of deaths in the death-match and it would appear that they heard me. Kido’s attack on Ryuuji was brutal and there is no way, he’s not dead, especially after Kido planned on grinding him into fertilizer with her bare hands. I’m not entirely sure how I felt about the fight between Hitomi and Eruza and it’s unusual direction. I’m no stranger to some girl on girl action, but this felt kind of forced and I think I would have just preferred them fighting in this instance.

It was interesting to learn of Youko’s reasons for wanting to win, but I think her grandfather might be a little too far gone. All that’s left is to find out what Kido’s animal is. I’m just hoping it’s not something stupid like a sea cucumber.

Ecchi Highlights

Crocodile versus Kido!

Ratel versus Cheetah!

Rabbit versus Gorilla!

Wait! What?

Oh My!

Gecko versus Tiger!

Enough Already!

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