Killing Bites (Episode 9) – I Will Never Change My Mind About That!

Killing Bites Title

Hitomi survived a killing blow from Taiga and is ready to face him again, but how will Yuuya react to this? He has the chance to roll the die and get Hitomi out of there. Will he take the out of danger or continue to trust her?

I Will Never Change My Mind About That!

As Hitomi climbed to her feet, a shocked Yuuya reflected on his life to this point. He’s never had any real conviction. His entire life he’s just said yes to everything, unable to stand up for himself or what he wants. That’s what got him into this mess. However, he made a choice to send Hitomi to save Eruza even though they are on opposite teams. Has his first choice come back to bite him?

Taiga attacks Hitomi again with his killer blow and once more she climbs to her feet. He finally admits that he may have misjudged her and accepts that she beat Leo. Hitomi prepares for another attack and thinks she may have finally got the timing down to launch a counter-attack. Each of the previous attacks, she took the hit, calculating the timing, aware that any poorly timed counter would lead to certain death.

Then, in the middle of the fight, Ui burst out of the ground to warn Hitomi that Kido was on his way. She didn’t realise where she had emerged until it was too late. Desperate to flee, she took off but was caught in Kaori’s pheromone cloud which was weak and dispersed at this point. She captured Kaori and made her watch as Taiga took on his full Therianthrope form. He charged forward, but Hitomi countered. He was shocked to see her ready to hit him before he could react.

However, before Hitomi could strike something hit her hard and sent her flying across the ground. Kido has arrived and had set his sights on Hitomi, much to the annoyance of Taiga who hit him with a sucker-punch of his own. Kido revealed his Therianthrope form, much to the delight of Youko Mitsukado’s delight.

Episode Thoughts

I loved this episode and ironically not because of the fight between Taiga and Hitomi, although that was excellent. No, the real action came from the luxury cruise ship and the players sat around the game table. The back and forth between Yuuya and Youko was awesome. He even managed to hit her with a couple of her signature looks. I have a gallery below to prove just how expressive they both are. As incredible as the fights have been, it’s the strategy that has set this one apart from other shows like this.

Youko is a devious mastermind and has played Yuuyu like a fiddle. Obviously, Hitomi is going to pull something out of nowhere, but I don’t even care. We’re in for some crazy fights in the next couple of episodes and Youko versus Yuuya is right up there.

Ecchi Highlights

Hitomi won’t stay down!

How To Catch a Rabbit!

Time to get Serious!

Yuuya versus Youko?

Ratel versus Tiger continued!

Hold that Bunny!

Kido Revealed!

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