Killing Bites (Season One)

Killing Bites Title

Wrong place, wrong time! Now, Yuuya is part of an underground fighting tournament where all of the fighters are part animal. If he’s going to get out of it alive, he’s going to have to rely on Hitomi, a honey-badger Therianthrope!

The Overview

So, Yuuya stumbled into a bad situation and it soon went from bad to worse. Somehow, he’s now the backer for a Therianthrope fighter named Hitomi, although she seems to be the one in charge. Before long, they find themselves in a massive event called the Destroyal in which four teams of three fighters battle to the death. The winning team will decide the future of Japan and possibly the world! Yuuya, however, isn’t exactly a spectator in all this. He will decide where Hitomi goes within the Destroyal, whether she fights or runs, lives or dies!

Killing Bites Episode 4 Hitomi happy that Yuuya followed her instructions

The Story

The story is quite simple on the face of things. It’s a pretty standard battle royale format where the winner takes it all. However, they made things a little more interesting by turning it into a sort of interactive tabletop RPG. All of the fighters have a backer who is responsible for moving them around the board (island) by rolling a dice. Unfortunately for Yuuya, he was responsible for Hitomi. I really enjoyed the season although it felt like a prologue to a much larger story that we may never see in the anime format.

The Characters

Killing Bites Episode 5 Hitomi over shoulder look

Hitomi Uzaki is incredible. She’s part honey-badger and all crazy. Never one to back down from a fight, Hitomi has absolute confidence in her own ability and her skills. She’s not afraid to take a hit from anyone, especially if it will give her an advantage. Hitomi was without a doubt the star of the series.

Killing Bites Episode 9 Yuuya and Youko 01

Yuuya Nomoto is actually the main character, although you might not realise it. He’s timid and meek, unable to make decisions for himself and certainly not someone you’d expect to see in a series featuring deathmatches. However, as the series went on, he really came into his own and started to get more confident. We never really got to see him hit his stride, which is frustrating considering with where this season ended.

Killing Bites Episode 6 Eruza struggling to keep up with Kaede Kazama in full Gecko

Eruza Nakanishi is possible Hitomi’s main rival/friend. I know her brother Taiga was billed as the strongest, but Eruza seems to be the one to really push Hitomi. Their also friends to a certain extent. Eruza is a cheetah Therianthrope so relies on speed, but don’t discount her strength either.

Killing Bites Episode 11 Ui is terrified

Ui Inaba is the reluctant third member of Hitomi’s team in the Destroyal and was given instructions to stay out of the way by digging tunnels all over the place. As a rabbit Theriathrope, she’s face and agile, but also scared of everything. It’s still a mystery how they managed to convince her to join them.

Killing Bites Episode 10 Youko Mitsukado gloating

Youko Mitsukado is the grand-daughter of the leading Zaibatsu who is determined to prove herself and free her grandfather of the burden of running things. She’s also a little crazy and delights in taunting Yuuya and the other backers. Youko also has the greatest range of expressions I’ve ever seen.

Fan Service

There was quite a bit of fan-service although if I’m completely honest, I was expecting more from a fighter series. There was just one pair of boobs in the entire series and that was at the end of episode one and beginning of episode two. Admittedly, Hitomi fought primarily in a white top and panties, so lots of panty shots and interesting angles. There was, of course, the moment that Hitomi and Eruza got caught up in a theromone trap which made things very interesting. It was good, but could have been better.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Good

I enjoy the battle royale format and the added strategy and the background of the Therianthropes just made it better. Of course, it is disappointing that the story only just seems to be beginning and we may or may not ever seen any more of it, but it was a lot of fun with some crazy fights.

Ecchi Rating: Hot

I mentioned earlier that I think it could have been better, and for sure it could have, but it was still pretty hot. Hitomi was sexy as hell and just as dangerous. Not to mention her fighting attire. Much like the story rating, it was better than average. There are hotter shows that have the hot rating, but like anything, there’s a bit of range to everything.


So, Killing Bites comes away with a Good/Hot rating and I think it deserved it. If it had pushed things a little further, it could have been a Great/Smoking title. However, if you like battle royale stories and/or girls that are part animal fighting to the death then this is absolutely the series for you. It follows a lot of the standard tropes, but also has fun with them and tries to keep things interesting. The fights alone would make me recommend this title.

Killing Bites Episode 11 Hitomi punches through the back of Kido's head

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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