Love Hina (Episode 1) – Welcome to the Hinata Apartments

Hello everyone, and welcome to the beginning of another series here on Ecchi Hunter – Love Hina! A classic anime that I originally watched many years ago, one that is definitely due for a rewatch.

I’ve put this series in the “Ecchi Lite” category, because to my knowledge, this is more of a comedic harem anime than it is an ecchi one. That said, it’s tagged as an ecchi anime on MyAnimeList, and considering the time in which it originally aired (2000), we can expect plenty of classic ecchi tropes along the way!

In fact, our first episode is already chock full of some classic moments…

All-Girls Dorm with Outdoor Bath: Hot Springs

Our protagonist, Keitaro Urashima, has vivid memories of promising to go to Tokyo University with a childhood friend. Unfortunately, she moved away long ago, and in typical anime amnesia fashion, Keitaro doesn’t even know her name. All he knows is that he HAS to get into Tokyo U, so he can reunite with her… and get married and stuff.

Or so he wishes. His grades say otherwise, with him failing his second attempt at entering the school. However, just as his family is ready to kick him out, Keitaro’s grandmother calls to tell him to come to the Hina Onsen – an all girls dorm with hot springs. Without a word to anyone, his grandmother leaves, causing the dorm to be without a manager.

Keitaro arrives to the dorm and after many “misunderstandings”, he manages to secure the manager position. Many of the girls believe that he is attending Tokyo U in a law program, due to a lie told by Keitaro’s aunt. This is just the beginning of what is sure to be a very chaotic job managing a group of very different girls!

Classic Ecchi Moments

One thing that’s for sure is that there will be no shortage of classic ecchi tropes in Love Hina. I’ll do my best to point them out, which shouldn’t be too difficult as many of the scenes in the anime are centered around some sort of classic trope.

We’ve already got plenty of great moments!

Caught in the Bath

First off, we have a moment where Keitaro first arrives to the dorm and no one is around. So like any normal person would do, he decides to take a bath in the hot springs…

Naturally, Naru Narusegawa, one of the residents, enters the hot springs, not realizing Keitaro was in there. After Naru realizes, Keitaro decides to stand up and bow in apology – only to “accidentally” push his face into her chest.

Keitaro ends up running all around the dorm while being chased by Naru, before being saved by his Aunt who happens to show up to explain the situation.

“Accidental” Boob Grab

Believing that Keitaro is going to Tokyo U, Mitsune Konno (nicknamed Kitsune) makes an advance on him while he is alone. While Keitaro thinks that his status will make him popular with the girls, Kitsune takes his hand and presses it against her breast.

Immediately afterwards, Kitsune tells Keitaro that coping a feel costs one month rent. The other girls show up right afterwards, and Kitsune accuses Keitaro of taking advantage of her.

Reverse Slip

Unlike the regular slip, with this episode we got the reverse – with Naru slipping and falling on top of Keitaro. Being the dense protagonist he is, Keitaro believes he is dreaming and grabs Naru’s arm, causing her to punch his face into the ground.

In Summary…

Love Hina episode 1 was great! There’s something honest feeling about older anime like this. A time when anime didn’t have any qualms with being almost entirely filled with tropes. Perhaps at the time, they didn’t feel that way though. Either way, I’m looking forward to exploring more of Love Hina and it’s classical, trope-filled style.

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