Love Hina (Episode 10) – Su Confusion

There have been reported sightings of a girl that looks just like Su roaming the streets at nighttime. Kentaro himself witnessed her, and was attacked by her pet alligator. But is it really Su?

Who is the Beautiful Woman Wandering in the Moonlight? Transformation

Gotta love these Love Hina episode titles, they never fail to impress me with their long form and abstract nature.

At night, Keitaro wakes up to find Su fast asleep in his bed. She proceeds to crush him in a bear hug, while asleep. Keitaro’s shouts cause Naru to check on him through the hole in the floor between their rooms. She kicks him but then they both get caught in a bear hug that knocks them out, just as the other Hinata girls arrive on the scene. They overhear Su mention her brother.

The next morning Su goes to school normally. Kentaro sneaks in through a window, and after getting punched by Naru, tells Keitaro, Naru and Kitsune about the woman he encountered the night prior. This causes Keitaro to decide to investigate. He finds out various details in town, sightings and such, and one of his friends tells him that Su is a magical girl who transforms into an adult form at night.

Keitaro continues to stalk Su, and sees her on the roof of the Hinata Apartments, enthralled by the blood red moon. He is attacked by Su’s sister, Amalla, and what follows is a very convoluted sequence of events where Amalla tries to kidnap Keitaro in order to prevent Su from transforming into an older form of herself because she thinks Keitaro is her brother…

Su and Amalla face off, with a battle between an army of turtles and Amalla’s pet alligator. Keitaro breaks up the fight and tells Su that she doesn’t have to grow up, and this manages to solve everything.

Episode Thoughts

This was a very odd episode. Even after watching it I still don’t really understand what was happening with Su, who was somehow transforming into an older Su, for some reason to do with her brother. Either way, it was resolved, for now at least.

Su’s older form is pretty nice, it’s almost a shame that she can’t stay that way… I don’t even know which is her true age though, the younger or the older form. Probably the younger right? Either way, her older sister looks pretty great too. I’m always happy to see new side characters introduced to the series, like Kentaro.

Speaking of which, while I did want to see more Kentaro, I was hoping he would do something ridiculous that required an insane amount of money, like that flying ship that he had purchased in his introductory episode. He was relegated to an informant role, by helping to get the ball rolling on the Su investigation. Would have been nice to see some more comedy with him.

Classic Ecchi Moments

There were a few classic ecchi moments in this episode.

Keitaro Wakes Up Next to Su (+ Naru Intervention)

The “protagonist wakes up to find a girl in his bed” trope is probably one of the most infamous in the business, right up there with the “accidental grope” and “walk in on girl changing” tropes! We’ve seen plenty of both of those, so it’s nice to see this one too.

Su Leapfrog

I’m not sure I’d call this one a classic trope per se, but I’ll include it here anyways. Su doesn’t fit the bill as a typical character we’d see for tropes, because she’s pretty shameless. Which is why she has no qualms leapfrogging over Keitaro’s head.

Episode Highlights

Su’s Sister, Amalla

Older Su

Turtles vs. Alligator

Hot Springs

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